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File: 1484202725686.gif (1.2 MB, 600x338, 2 (2).gif) ImgOps Google

ID: ee41400b42 No.9773

She is so fucking cute

ID: c6989417e2 No.9775

Didn't they have a youtube channel?

ID: ee41400b42 No.9778

YES, megadongs. But someone uploaded their porn videos on PH like "ppfriends".

My question is: Did she consent to the videos?

ID: 3bc0d522c1 No.9780

Correction actually, they themselves uploaded the porn vids. Reason they deleted their PornHub account was because a viewer on their youtube found the videos and would comment and tell people to go watch the porn vids. Reason she's not on the YouTube channel as much is the same exact reason. Also the name of their Youtube channel is a reference to the size of the guy's dick. He is very well endowed hence the YouTube name, Megadongs

ID: 3e08836b70 No.9786

Where did you get this information? Is there any video where they talk about this?

ID: 1975f4f636 No.9788

Yep. They posted it themselves.

ID: 6a1462aa93 No.9790

>>9788 Please, link to the video where they explain this.

ID: 3bc0d522c1 No.9796

There is no video where they explain what I mentioned. Saw it happen with my own eyes. Don't remember the guy who commented on their youtube vids saying they made pornstar but 48-72 hours after those comments were said the porn vids along with the pornhub account were deleted.

ID: 13298b0d98 No.9801

Very possible they lost their camera.

But leaning slightly to them posting. Since she does say regret, but that could also mean ever making the vids…

hxxp://smehllz tumblr com/post/144194644954/i-will-answer-these-questions-ambiguously-one-time

ID: 6dcd1835a5 No.9808

> 9799

Absolute bullshit. There never was a lost camera. They had a nice little PornHub channel going, with 12 iPhone recorded and edited videos. Some cunt linked their sexy PornHub and college YouTube channels and brought the whole lot down. They are adults and can post this stuff, doxing them is not cool.

ID: 7d5fd0cce3 No.10912

File: 1489198073112.jpg (18.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They were really cute together

ID: 3e08836b70 No.11165

>>9808 bullfuckingshit, That is not like that. The story goes like this: They lost their camera, someone uploaded without their consent the videos and ruined the life of the girl.

The name of the girl is Giselle Nicole Garrou Guru from Wilmington NC she has 19yo.

She never gave her consent to upload her videos.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/giselle.garrou

Twitter: twitter.com/__smehllz

Tumblr: smehllz.tumblr.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/__smehllz/

ID: 61cb27c945 No.11274

Are all of the PH vids still available? Saw a few & the YT vids after seeing this post. Rocked my socks, anyone have a Mega for everything?

ID: e79b0810b2 No.11446


heres all there videos. not hard to find..

ID: 522effd518 No.11477


bruh, read her fucking tumblr q&a linked ITT yourself before you act like an dumbfuck. she says herself that she regrets doing porn now, but she acknowledges that she did it for money.

ID: e4bf45f684 No.11525

Where's that q&a where she says she did it for the money? Got the link

ID: faba84b20c No.11540

So they were doing the porn and the youtube thing at the same time? I find that kind of hot.

ID: 6142cf2911 No.11545

Just have a look at their first video

At the end there are notes the viewer should "judge" about their first video. So at least this video was made intentionally for a pornhub and was not "leaked" in any way

ID: 522effd518 No.11559

ID: e4bf45f684 No.11560

dosent say anywhere she did it for the money

ID: a5c5112954 No.11588

File: 1491383690310.jpg (173.76 KB, 1280x775, Screen-Shot-2015-11-10.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I can't figure out posters who are claiming a camera was stolen, doxing her and stating no money was involved.

tl;dr frisky couple create 12 nice clips for pornhub because "we like having sex and making money so…" Image is a screenshot of their pornhub channel when it had about 30million views. Anyone know how much this would raise?

ID: 522effd518 No.11603

"I am trying to build a name for myself outside of this DECISION. I want to build women and men up especially people who sank into that line of WORK without a choice, like me. "

Yes, yes she does admit she did it for money. She admits it was a 'decision', i.e. she wasn't posted against her will, she decided to post. She also compares herself to other people who 'sank' into this 'LINE OF WORK'. She refers to it as a decision and as a job, hence she made the decision to do it for money. No matter how bad you 'need' money, you still have a choice whether or not to make and publicly post porn of yourself to get that money. She also could've sold plasma or worked at Walmart, instead she decided to make some money off porn, and now she regrets it when she realizes all the baggage it comes with, simple as that.

ID: ee41400b42 No.12044

File: 1493526580667.jpg (184.24 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

She now tests BBC cum

ID: e1fb99d4a3 No.12048


Well, well, we have a stalker. She does appear, however, to be following the standard porn path boy-girl > BBC > DP >

ID: 17ba86745e No.12212

>>12048 There's just a strong correlation between the sort of woman who does porn and the sort of woman who has sex with animals.

ID: a972849b60 No.13040


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