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File: 1507985708691.jpg (117.74 KB, 515x1080, 14677175_1786687648264891_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


please any win with her? now she has an private snap shit




Bump let's post videos




I asked her if her premium was nude and she said somewhat nude.


i have the video of mixed where her ass was a bit slimmer and she gets her ass spread and her butthole is kind of demostrated in HD somewhat hard to find but seems there are two versions?.
She doesn't have tits but damm that ass is so wow, she says it's real i don't care if its fake or not but i will smash anyway,looks fake because it's way bigger than a couple of years



why nobody seems to care about her


I love una. I just don't have anything beyond shit on youtube and her ig.

Anyway, bump.


fuck man i had some videos i compiled, the ones of mixed and stuff like that she has made and the stupid falls creators update deleted all that shit from my drive. I am too busy with work and college to do that again, not sure but i think that i was editing that video of mixed which one is very fucked up to find, i like to remove the crappy music they have and just admire her beatutiful ass lol



Thank me later


you are a hero lol but there is a 720P version, if i have time later in the week i will upload it, i think i have it in a micro sd card>>19808





somebody has to have a win of her lol




Your link doesnt work


File: 1510249912792.jpg (72.3 KB, 748x925, C9Kj-mCWAAAJbuE.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google






45 inches of ass goingto www.chocolatemodels.com and barely you can see her tatsty asshole


File: 1512577278824.jpg (76.55 KB, 1000x562, c3028cea.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wonderful anus she has :)



is the video already available on CM ?


should be released in dec 18 according to the page


Here is her cm vid enjoy boys



Sweet! Thanks bro


i didn't liked her makeup honestly, looks weird i hope she gets naked n the future perhaps she doesn't have tits but damn that ass of 45 inches.
Any hero with her private snapchat? zhara elise is getting leaked…
and thanks for the video


File: 1512744009702.jpg (111.18 KB, 680x1024, ec9effdd.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i could blow you, thanks a lot bro !!


Same, the makeup made her face look funky and she spent the whole video trying to keep her top from slipping which was kind of annoying.

Wish she would do more with Mixed cus that guy who was rubbing her down was really trying to get her butthole to peek. Or even better get her in a masked vodgirl dildo video cus she seems like she would def do it for the right price.


if you watch carefully the video you can see a couple of nip slips, and she has kind of brown little nipple and seems she always has it hard in instagram she has a video doing the same thing trying to not pop out it, but has she seems to have zero to nothing tits it doesn't even matter. At the very early she shows a bit of her asshole but not too much.

hope there is other chocolate video

But the weird part for me about her is that she has more ass than Jenna Shea? and damm Jenna looks so beafy next to her, 45" vs 41" inches…


Please up to openload mega don't work


Can someone post some screenshots of the video?



it work perfectly!!!
learn the basic of web usage you eternal noob


yes it would be a waste if she only made one video. i wonder why they dont make them assclap tho


i wonder why she was so nervous if she made a mixed magazine video, and there she had her ass( a bit slim than now) spread by a man at the end of the video you can clearly see her asshole, so beautiful by the way :D.

I guess the second video is the one that in the blog says that should be released on dec 18

She did a bit of ass clap on the cake magazine video if you look for it.

Also she did a video with Mandycfit but that is so short almost 30 seconds, wish it were longer


O wow. Seeing her the first time and she is amazing. Will any gentleman here be genrous enough to drop link to her mixed magazine video everyone has been talking about? Can't wait.


yes but with the hands of this fuckers near it
yes but clapping withound sound is useless, that was a fucking prank


sure the oint is hear her make sounds from her ass lol

regareding for the op with links of mixed they are here just look for the gestyy and corneey links

hope to see her big ass naked and finally her camel toe she has a big one right down there :), about tits she doesn't have seems like a tennager but that ass i don't care she has tits lol


File: 1512891802208.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 19ADE72D-4F31-4387-B16C-F7….png) ImgOps Google




i wanna lick her asshole :D


please a hero, she has 4 new videos at chocolate models


4 are you sure ?



Sure buddy i have been following her




aigt looks awesome




that video is on youtube we want chocolate model stuff or private snapchat wins


fuck the world mega.nz/#F!crQSXDqK!7dmvOlRwjhwWznj4aLnL7w


my nigga i love you lol
just remaining 2 of her videos, i wish at least could see the one of her black thong to see her beautiful anus :D


thank you very much



Bro, i love you !!!!


I don't think she got her ass inflated. Look at that thighs. She's fucking thick. And her ass is bigger in all directions. If it was injected, it'd be a lot tighter and sicking out backwards. She's got some cellulite too. Definitely not enhanced. She's just eating well and it's going to the right places.


i love her cellulite it makes a woman real and natural,and yes she has gain some weight and it has gone to the right direction,jealous bitches call her diaper butt but fuck them i would smash her real or not



that just stupid jealous bitchs, she as a fucking perfect big booty, same type as jenna shea, except she is less bitchy and arrogant than this whore.
can't wait to see her posting her own stuff with nude and loud assclapping videos, she will overshadow Jenna for sure.



thanks bruh.

Anybody got her Show Magazine video yet? They have released her 3-4 videos.

I thought more people would have notice that.


true she is less bitchy than jenna but i like her ass too lol she also has a a bit of cellulite, but she likes scam

yes there are other videos of her at least i would like to see the one of black thong or the red one





thanks but those are old? looks very thin compared to recent pics and vids


LOL in one of the videos she names herself Anastesia, of course Una is not her real name but Anastesia tf




thanks for the post bro


Does anyone have these clips and can share willingly? I will always be grateful.





just only one more


Just a few videos







bump niggas :D




can you please re upload the links again as it wants decrypt key..post those without the decrypt keys and correct link


He doesn't need to reup them. He just needs to provide the keys or the link with the keys.


can someone also reup this video?


I never expected her to get on chocolate models. Usually strippers go there. And no to my surprise she didn't get naked like the regulars do. Oh well…

I found this on spankbang. I downloaded it too so I can't lost it at this point.



Could you please upload it. It's been deleted


bump niggas


File: 1518321066159.jpg (138.19 KB, 1080x1350, DG6hplWVwAAtSdm.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

damm she is heavy 165 pounds of pawg


Anything new


New links to her content guys from connect pal private snaps



whre is the key ?


she doesnt have connect pal



there should be something more about her, she likes to get drunk and get lesbian on discos

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