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File: 1515164065987.jpg (86.41 KB, 640x480, Brenda does what looks lik….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

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Can I get an invite to the brenda discord?


Throw one my way too. Qtpiepieisafaggot@protonmail.com








File: 1515453571891.jpg (10.84 KB, 357x111, SIGHS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*SIGHS* What the fuck is the point of changing names if I going to be fucking muted anyway…? JFC


Lmao I keep telling people to stop uploading in public rooms. Especially any that qteknight hangs out in.


what's the name of the room?


brenda who


File: 1515689862495.jpg (16.17 KB, 427x165, lol (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the transformation into heisenpedo is complete lol


LMAO trader federation has everyone saltier than Brenda S0ng ever did. This is hilarious.


Not everyone just macaufob, the beggars and that one obsessed faggot with the shit tier content. Nobody else really cares.


if anyone has any serious spider content (i do), chuck me an e-mail to discuss


File: 1515695315959-0.jpg (32.38 KB, 641x515, image997.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1515695315959-1.jpg (28.67 KB, 914x463, image996.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1515695315959-2.jpg (27.25 KB, 700x469, image995.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lmao that fact that their asses are so sore over nothing has me weak. I haven't laughed this hard since that eurofag threw an hour long bitchfit because someone called his favorite brenda boring.

I'm kind of tempted to rename the server "Trade Federation", play the trade federation march on repeat and add some new logos to chat.


Nah you know what was funnier? When bitchmade got upset because I told him Brenda calls me daddy when we Skype. He went into her room acting all passive aggressive lol. I thought he was going to go full bitch mode and rat but he didn't, so I give him that.


That was more sad than funny though. Finding out one of the crew is infatuated with an e-stripper. I could see if he knew her irl like moto but he doesn't so that made it worse.

He was acting as if he just found out his girlfriend cheated on him or something, that shit made me sick to my stomach tbph.

RIP "bitchmade"


Yeah but it's still hilarious to me though lol. I play the audio in chat, he goes silent for 5mins, leaves and immediately starts going psychonaut on her lmao. *sighs* The times we shared. RIP bitchmade RIP Brenda :'(


"RIP Brenda"? Did she quit?


I'm pretty sure you don't know who we're talking about bro, no offense.



Which brenda are you talking about that calls you daddy in skype? The one in the OP picture? Could you post a link to the video or call, sounds hot.


Nah, not her. Heard she only does that for steam. And I'm not posting that gold.



Darn, which brenda was it, jw.

Also I doubt ste@m has enough moola to get any of the camgirls to call him anything… psure they only do it for the ones with deep pockets…


lol gold
only to a few porn-obsessed losers. whoever the girl in the OP is, i guarantee 99% of us wouldn't even fap to or save the video if we found it.


I mean kinda but it's less about money and more about who they feel comfortable with. Some of these Brendas aren't the most social people irl, they start seeing the dudes as friends the same way guys like "bitchmade" see them. 

I'm pretty sure it was caillou's salty ass that sent screenshots to Brenda, and I know he is lurking from the block party so I ain't naming her.


Trust me you don't need deep pockets. I've spied on privates that made me uncomfortable just watching. It's weird man. They go into private with these sadists, doing anal while saying some really self deprecating stuff and then come back into public chat doing the shy act. That blew my mind the first time I seen it happen.


Lol been there. Brenda was fapping away in pvt all of the sudden she smiles, looks directly into the camera and says "I'm a worthless whore". I felt awkward as fuck, like I just seen something I shouldn't have.


Who is caillou?

Yeah, I mean I'm not judging them or anything it was just weird. Now I see what Tachi meant when he said "when a brenda says she doesn't do something, that means she doesn't do it for YOU."


Go into Asian Angels and say something like "I don't get why ______tifa" the guy that replies with "me either" followed by a rant is caillou. Better yet go into any tifa thread. The guy crying and calling her a scammer while claiming to still pay for her content is caillou.

He used to produce some great reading material, now it's just the same shit over and over again so I added him to the filters.


It wasn't crybaby, sure he is a bitch and would do something like that but it wasn't him. It was the same obsessed stalker who saved NJ's wedding pics. And lol at him sending it to the wrong Brenda. Dipshit thinks any time we mention Brenda that we're talking about gsm.


How do you know?


The screenshots were posted on r/. Jk baited him, he took it like the dumbfuck that he is and now his info is out there.




Damn, I wish my brenda s0ng troll had more of an initial impact. But at least y'all still call every broad brenda. ily anons


<3 ayyyy I'd throw you a prem but I don't know what brenda you like.


File: 1515738624153.jpg (19.07 KB, 588x92, hahaha.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Hahaha, don't worry about. just let this be my legacy n keep it alive lmao.



also, wtf happened to the other v0la with the mgs reference


Initially it was locked because syp left for 2-3 weeks, but kys posted a webm with a mega link to brenda's hutt rip in the properties, white knight reported the mega and told brenda. Kys got a takedown notice. Brenda deleted her reddit and her hutt…RIP

Majority figured it'd just be best to leave the room locked.



well fuck, that's disappointing..


File: 1515773405265.webm (4.11 MB, 1920x1080, fucking_banned.webm) ImgOps Google



Hahaha why are you still uploading to the shitty vola?


It was a salt test and sal passed with flying colors. I uploaded a video with her name in the title and an mfc watermark under one of the randomly assigned white names & then uploaded "Zzzzzz" with my crybaebaebae account. The former is still up and the latter was dmca'd.


It also gave me an excuse to use the Iron Nerd remix. That's always a plus.


Who was in the video?


File: 1515774745666.jpg (55.9 KB, 198x391, Brenda S0ng.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Brenda S0ng. Now when I say baebaebae is a faggot and a knight I have proof.


LMAO there really wasn't any thing to prove though. We already knew he was a beta when he went on that rant because a video title triggered him.


Any more?


go to town



dave, that you?


"fucking banned fucking fucking banned…" Yoooo I'm done lol. You have a link to the full song?


I'm kind of curious as to who you were talking about too?


File: 1515824092728-0.jpg (7.55 KB, 294x114, image1008.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1515824092728-1.jpg (42.78 KB, 296x471, image1009.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lol wtf did you guys do?


Nothing, maucaufob is just salty about some of the comments people made about him and he's mad his timeout ability doesn't work here. He seems like the type of faggot that needs everyone to like him. 

Rsm posts links to his cancer room on paycams, has a higher user count and no problems with modding so all that antivola shit is nonsense. My sodium levels increased just reading that bullshit.


This basically, plus he barely understands english. I asked for a list of camwhores that I couldn't post and he turned it into a big argument. There was a glimmer of hope when immortal took over but as you can see that didn't pan out. I miss the old Asian room :'(.


>My sodium levels increased just reading that bullshit.


Doesn't matter, she ck'd


So why not just post it?


>…And I'm not posting that gold.

She hasn't decided if it's permanent or not and she's cool people. I don't know if she's one of the Brendas bobfagot has a manila folder on.


Psychonaut probably thinks you mean ang…


…and calliou/Dave/qtfagfag probably thinks he means theifa.


…and adorkablefiend probably thinks he means d0rk


…and crybaebaebitch probably thinks he means ramen.


I want to join in but I can't think of anything *sniffs*


…and macaufag probably thinks you mean heisencuck


This thread lol. Anyone have Brenda's oiled aj video?


It's on attentionwhores. I had it up on my weeb account, but ever since that d0rk faggot linked my account here I've been getting flagged consistently.


Something similar happen to me. I started getting TDNs for brendas that didn't even cam anymore. I asked one of the recent signups how he found my account and low and behold crybaby caillou posted a link to my profile in the shitty vola. I wouldn't add him so I guess he decided to wk my uploads in retaliation.


are you 336262?


Yeah, don't upload much there any more though.


File: 1515909426949.png (986.18 KB, 881x831, oface.png) ImgOps Google

Ayyyy you're on my friend list homie.


I'm in the discord too :^) This "cappy" moniker is just for here.


If anyone is feeling generous could they throw me that Brenda cap?


I'm sure d0rkfiend will have a 30sec clip in his "armada", just hangout in the saltmines he should post it any day now. *snickers*


Yeah man, I'll upload it to vola.



which one?


Just link your email and I'll send you a zippy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get dmca'd when they see my username on any public vola. 

And I see why he only caps 30secs, I forgot how sleep inducing spgs were. I've been spoiled with the good shit.



Sent and I retract my last statement. She must've read the poor reviews from last time. Watermarked it just incase you're the spoiled brat using a VPN or one of the fob squad.


Can you send me the alina cap too?


Sure, if someone was dumb enough to give that scammer money and wants to post it. I'm not that guy though, sorry.



what is "ck'd" and what site is cst?


No offense dude but if we explained every phrase/term/acronym/nickname we used it would literally defeat the purpose of using em in the first place. 

And it's kind of funny seeing faggots like crybaby speculate and pretend as if he knows what we're talking about when he has no clue.


I understand, it just makes things a bit difficult for a noob like me.


File: 1515962543696.jpg (223.99 KB, 480x544, Top Notch Shop.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Not to sound like an asshole, but that's kind of the point. Keep knights, "noobs" and brendas out of the loop. I'm still getting messages asking if I have Jooyeon's sc rofl.

If you're dave hmu on av I'll hook you up. If you're that spoiled brat, keep refreshing the kk page like everyone else. If you're neither….*shrugs* idk.


You're not missing much, they are trying to run some elite group though it gets dmca anyways so I guess it's not as private as they think it is.

The thing is, it's instantly reuploaded on public volas/cw so don't bother trying to find out what it means, just check the regular sites and catch it before it gets taken down.


I'm not the "spoiled brat" lol


That's what you say…
I'm assuming you're not because I don't think caillou even knows how to work a vpn, moron didn't even have sense enough to use a different username on patreon lol. Also you haven't cried yet and I can see your replies. Like I said hmu on av. Feel free to post it wherever but I watermarked the cap so if the brenda or her knights don't dmca it in the shitty vola I'm pretty sure the salty fob king will nuke it and ban you.


>…moron didn't even have enough sense to use a different username on patreon…

Lmao I think he might be an aspie. He complains on her page about not being added to twitter and her not being on enough, then makes the same comment in one of his tear filled rants on aib. And  acts all surprised when he got banned. The best part is he wasn't even a paying patreon LULZ. His stupidity is comedic gold.


OH! So "caillou" is that guy that always claimed he fell asleep?


Lol yeah, he was also the same dipshit that used to go to fobfest, back when it was good, and cry because we were calling every cg Brenda. I guess he felt left out :'(

You know what we should do? Start uploading to cummer's room and make it "good vola" 2번.


It wouldn't end well.

1.) I'm assuming you mean the cam brendas. My friend cummer doesn't like camgirls. His room, his rules.

2.) That would just make his room a target. Despite how much the salt crew calls aib cancer, they watch this place.

3.) It wasn't created by the mods and he isn't a brown-noser so it would most likely just get closed after too many CCs.

4.) The reason the good vola works is because we know everyone who's in there.


There's some cool people in fobfest though. 10/10 this thread lmao


Only elite fags with full blown aids (hiv positive isn't sufficient) are allowed into the super secret inner circle jerk


True. I've met some cool bros there but the dipshits & repomen vastly outnumber them. And with macaubitch on his menstrual cycle it's just a shitty asian version of RSM's room. RIP


LMAO you know what? I don't even know. I haven't been there in a while and the last time I was there, ogrontroll was going full retard. I just stick to discord and tmc tbph. The only reason I'm even on here is because I asked WT why he changed the server name and he linked me to this thread lol.


Hey friend :^D


Lol Yo, I want to know who you are in the discord now.


I don't really care about getting into the discord or the good vola, I just want to see t1f@ and ramen's latest groups, if anyone can send me a link to the videos I'd appreciate it.


What he said except I just want to see the Brenda with the dope areolas.


Is discord the better place to share? Invite?


No, it's better this way :} When I started using this cappy gimmick it was just to troll the real cappy & to piss off caillou the beta bitchblood and the idiot that thought I was knighting for brenda (lol da fuck?), but I actually started linking up with people that had stuff to share. Thought I vet em, bring them into the fold and take them away from this IG wasteland.

Rofl @ "Brenda with the dope areolas."

>Like I said hmu on av.


I'm pretty sure crybaby is mad that you can't see his replies, there's a few cappy mentions in fobfest.


I don't go into the shitty vola anymore, but even if I did I still wouldn't see his replies. I have all white names muted and I set my filters to only show the green names that I have listed. Good to know that I have him completely mindfucked though, stay salty caillou.


what is av?


>Being this autistic…




lol I know that's an easy one and it's no secret but chill out not everyone is a regular here.

Top left of page.


Lol so which addy is yours? I didn't respond because I thought you were the cappy from the cho thread.


it's mine. not cappy.


Hanging with the plebs now? lol


File: 1516002252731.jpg (110.18 KB, 800x541, uYtjjnm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There is no doubt a snitch. I've been trying to find out who it is for a while. It may even be more than one person, a series of coincidences. We're dealing with more than one problem here:

1. The snitch. Is not a real WK.
2. Actual WKs. E.g. steamb0y/steamzy, unclespliff, ippomakuonochi.
3. Scam Protection.
4. The Brendas themselves. Too wasted to spend much effort on us.
5. Trolls.

There's only one consistent pattern and that it's centered around the Socal AZN scamgirl crew, primarily Brenda. Who the fuck would be doing that?


Back when you were looking for those 3 specific caps of Brenda, I sent you the shower cap and the one with the pink heels and hitachi. ;D


got the latest tifa. contact me.. I want to join this good vola and discord..


The one constant is salt. Someone came in trying to troll, we shut him down, immortal timed him out and all of the sudden a bunch of us recieve upload bans. I got dmca'd by a cb "brenda". That shit don't happen.


Oh okay, I got it.


Got some brendas to upload, please invite to vola/discord ;)


I love the whole "we're not assholes" mentality you guys have while being complete assholes. Nice victim blaming you got going on here. Makes me laugh.

We're not bad guys. We're just harassing everyone we don't like. lol I'm pretty sure that makes you assholes and bad guys. Might be too deep for you guys to think about though.


>The one constant is salt.

lol this. Uploaded a bunch of brenda and I've only ever been CC'd when my username was CryBaebaebae. qtfagfag and the other asskisssers are definitely suffering from hypernatremia


>victim blaming
I'm guessing you're crybaby.
Dude, you're not a victim because you're missing out on certain camwhores shows. You need to go outside and get a life.


Look all y'all are crazy..dudes upload to camwhores nothing ever happens or gets taken down. Quit handcuffing these Brenda's fucking lame how you sit on here to talk.. quit being pussies and post!


We come on here to talk because we know it makes people like you mad. Now go back to begging for 4.5 in the saltmines.


No not mad more like amazed how grown men act like bitches over bitches.. times have changed and woman run men. So keep having fun.


What the hell does repomen mean?


Re·po·men /,rēpə men/
plural form of repoman

Someone who repost the same, usually shitty, video over and over again whether it be from ebola or streaming sites.

examples: MortyS, cummer, and the one guy who repost av vids so he can request the same ewaifu trash that has been uploaded since '88.

Kind of want to turn off the extension just to see who you're talking to lol


Oh! Lmao I get it now. Yeah the repost are pretty annoying.


Da fuck happened to the tall one? She dided or retired?


ocho is online can someone cap if she goes group?


It's going to be boring af like always. Stall for a 25mins, 1hr to get naked, oil up, lay on floor and group end. Kind of tempted to join just to see if it goes exactly like that. Someone let me know if it does please.


Honestly it goes exactly like that most of the time, the minutes are a little exaggerated though. If I didn't have caps dated I wouldn't be able to tell old form new.

If you have the brenda with cake group can you message me? Thanks.


File: 1516080375728.jpg (7.89 KB, 694x59, response.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

idk wtf is wrong but yeah.


That was meant for you btw, kept getting a dmca error trying to send that.


Oh I see. Figured something was up when I didn't get a reply back


So is it going like that now? The curiosity is killing me and I want to know if I'm right.


Uh I have no clue. She's an alright person and all but I'm never joining group again.


Rofl that's the exact same thing cb said about Brenda with the cake.


cb? And was it that bad? I missed the last few.


cb = canadablows and yes it was, he even got his money back. Last one was good at least by gp standards anyway. Would've sent em yesterday but I fell asleep while uploading.




Anyway the huttrip can be reupped?


Which one?


Fuck um I don't know how to do this Brenda thing. Xmas Brenda I guess?


Raver Brenda?


File: 1516260981979.png (144.14 KB, 263x199, Screenshot.png) ImgOps Google




I'm creating new accounts on hiro & fuku so if you see a recent member with 0 uploads adding you it's me.


I can't even remember mY password for either of those, that's why I haven't logged on in months. No point anyway, just Use tmc.


anyone know if korean brenda quit?


"korean brenda's" kind of vague but if you mean the actual korean brenda >>137896

If you mean cam korean brenda no and she isn't even korean lol. If you mean someone else I'm gonna need a reference image or something.



I mean her >>137071


Yeah she quit

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