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ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.68402[Last 50 Posts]

Help a brotha out and help me find more of her videos. She goes by "DaisyPea"

link: www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1382954781

ID: 8ab4b9253a No.68427

omg been dying to see more of her…

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.68430


ID: d20a6b7b18 No.68447

the guy who uploaded that vid in the link has more of her vids but theyre privated. someone with a pornhub account be a hero and add him to get them and then upload em to anonv

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.68454

the guy who uploaded it has only one friend, i doubt he'll be adding anyone

ID: d20a6b7b18 No.68496

anyone know how to hack a pornhub account in that case then? lmao rip

ID: 6adaff5a83 No.68501

File: 1474591189081-0.png (429.28 KB, 1232x982, Vid1.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1474591189081-1.png (333.32 KB, 1372x1092, Vid2.png) ImgOps Google

Ignore the haters! People will vouch that if we agree to a trade that I follow through. It just is not always possible.

ID: ab0f963dbb No.68548


ID: 2fa3b24be0 No.68631

what do you want?

ID: a74d211ec9 No.68632

I am willing to trade some content. What's your trade account info?

ID: d20a6b7b18 No.68680

sharing is caring.

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.68682

yeah come on bro..sharing is caring..

ID: 3af297ccc2 No.68694

Look at my name (AsianFap in blue) and you will see my contact info.

ID: 2d640c580c No.68701

share or fuck off

only nigs that dont belong here trade

ID: ab0f963dbb No.68753

to the top you go

ID: f5d5d26554 No.68754

She dont have anymore. Ive known her aince high school. Only did camming no more than 3 times.

ID: 9ff37ef5b1 No.68805

what up with this trading…

There was a one minute video of her posted
a few weeks ago. This guy seems to have a different video of her though

ID: 334d48c0ad No.68807

I prefer trading. Makes no sense to me to buy content and not get more paid content in return. I'm not a charity here to help poor as fuck asian fags jack off their small dicks.

ID: 0593f32e22 No.68848

then this isn't the right site for you as this site isn't about trading. Or has something changed?

ID: d09f177ee5 No.68849

Trading is a bannable offense on this board. We'll miss you bro.

ID: 5c3790d56b No.68861


ID: a74d211ec9 No.68868

So is cp, disclosing personal info and social media accounts, but I don't see them being banned?

ID: 0593f32e22 No.68914

doesn't mean they shouldn't be banned!

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.69138

RIP to this post, thanks to the douche bag that doesnt wanna share

ID: ab0f963dbb No.69213

bump bump bump

ID: 87f874fb1a No.70082


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.70329


ID: aa07966de2 No.70713

Pointless bumps. No one is just going to share stuff for nothing in return. I am still open to trades with those with original content.

ID: abf0bc74f2 No.70721


you just can't stay away from the community you hate so much, huh? lol No one on anon or vola wants what you are peddling.

ID: ee82c27101 No.70757

Don't trade with this dude, he has nothing to give.

Stalker, creep and rule breaker.

ID: f5cbaabad1 No.70758

Pretty much. Posts bullshit photoshopped screencap in the m00nbunny thread too.

Get out of here fgt.

ID: 47b21bbdb7 No.70765

yeah, dont bother with ASIANFAP

dude is such an obvious scammer…

GTFO out of this sub bro

ID: 00abaa2444 No.70804

IF YOU TRADE WITH ASIANFAP, MAKE SURE HE SENDS FIRST!!! I "traded" with him and he stole my videos - not cool, but whatever.

Also, to all the fuckwits complaining about trading, HOW DO YOU THINK YOU GET FREE CONTENT? It starts with one person, then gets traded to someone, then gets traded to more people, and EVENTUALLY gets traded to someone who uploads it. Do you dumb motherfuckers really not know how this system works?

ID: 20cdcbaa3e No.70830

All these people claiming that I am a “scammer” have no other objective than to sabotage this thread. They want to discourage those us with original content to be in contact with one another because that would mean they are shit out of luck.

If I am such a big scammer as so many of these guys are claiming, then post the proof. I have recently traded Moonbunny content with one person and he can vouch that none of the screens I posted are photoshopped and that I delivered everything I promised on my end.

People with nothing to offer will continue to spread lies and troll those of us with content to offer. Ignore the noise and come to your own conclusions.

ID: 21bfcf74a9 No.70834

if you dont use photoshop do you use microsoft paint?

ID: d02dc7c302 No.71130

AsianFap, can you post the videos to pornhub as private? And then we can negotiate from there?

ID: e84c3f39cb No.71140

You emailed me asking me to buy some content for you. That was pretty weird and shady-sounding. Like, are you so hard up for cash you're emailing strangers asking them to buy you porn? So I can't say you are a scammer, but you're a weirdo.

ID: 20cdcbaa3e No.71316

Not posting anything on PH (you can email me).
No idea what you are talking about. I do recall a person contacting me and begging me to contact a model on his behalf (claimed he was into femdom). In return he would buy me anything I wanted from the model. So I put him to the trust and asked for a vid and called him on his bs. It appears you are that person and are just twisting the story around.

Anyway, if anyone is looking to trade original content, send me an email with what you are looking for and what you have to offer. I am particularly interested in MFC Asians (Skype shows, true privates, b/g vids or anything else you consider rare).

ID: d02dc7c302 No.71470


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.71596


ID: d02dc7c302 No.71647

if you upload the video as private to pornhub. and i upload my videos. then when we add each other we can both exchange them.

ID: 9a52aa094b No.71703

she's from Eagle Rock right?

knew her too.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.71982


ID: d02dc7c302 No.72385


ID: d02dc7c302 No.72614


ID: b5a5a5ef8a No.73177


ID: d02dc7c302 No.73409


ID: d02dc7c302 No.73623


ID: d02dc7c302 No.73805


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74076


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74315


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74401


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74508


ID: a3be897305 No.74778


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74848


ID: d02dc7c302 No.74979


ID: d02dc7c302 No.75100

anything out there? willing to pay

ID: 36d172ce46 No.75115

There is stuff out there

ID: 963ccf1744 No.75128

don't believe this scammer calling himself asianfap, he's just trying to sucker the guys willing to pay out of their money.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.75584


ID: d02dc7c302 No.75684


ID: 2e46d02e34 No.75685

How is ASIANFAP not banned yet?

Every single fucking thread has him scamming. Fuck off faggot.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.75847


ID: dcb47f3d1f No.75860


I ask that question every time he posts on here. I just come on here and harass him now because he's such a dumbfuck.


Because you are a scammer. You steal others content and then claim it as yours. Not to mention most of what you have is from other people. It's not something you capped yourself. So the fact that you won't share something that you got from somewhere else for nothing is entirely questionable. Not to mention tat you don't share screencaps of said videos you have. You share pics. Pics that can be ripped from anywhere. Thus proving that you have NOTHING Asianfap. On top of that, you censor said pics. So why the fuck should anyone take you seriously. I don't. Never have and never will. I think you're full of shit and have caught you I countless lies before. Answer this Asianfap, with so many people saying you screwed them or want them to pay for you content. Why should anyone believe you. Either share what you have or get the fuck out. Because no one believes you have anything. You definitely don't have anything original. You're right. People do trade and I've done it. But not with shady ass people like you who offer nothing in return.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.76063


ID: 77637f2622 No.76427


ID: d02dc7c302 No.76639


ID: d02dc7c302 No.76753


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77020


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77093


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77241


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77511


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77689


ID: d02dc7c302 No.77853


ID: 1f99a3f043 No.77855

^ this person is determined. Will not let this die. Bumped last 8 straight. Lol let it go…

ID: d02dc7c302 No.77962


ID: d02dc7c302 No.78181


ID: d02dc7c302 No.78296


ID: d02dc7c302 No.78392


ID: d02dc7c302 No.78647


ID: d02dc7c302 No.78898


ID: fec10fd134 No.78947

No new content gets released because people are tired of just giving their stuff they paid for away for nothing in return. I have completed many successful trades and those that claim otherwise are liars with nothing to offer themselves, including any proof of my so called deception.

They claim that I am just offering content that is readily available, yet none of it has been shared by anyone.

What have those people shared or offered this forum in terms of new content? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They just spread lies and are butt hurt that no one wants to share with them. Yes, I trade but I also spend money to acquire content. I try to makes deals work, just not always possible. Make up your own minds and ignore the trolls.

Viet Nguyen if you are still around, email me back (your email is not working anymore?)

ID: d02dc7c302 No.79032

so how much would you sell her videos for?

ID: 47b21bbdb7 No.79042

Stop copying and pasting the same message in multiple threads you faggot.

It's only a matter of time before you get banned. In the meantime, don't trust this guy at all.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.79213


ID: d02dc7c302 No.79277


ID: d02dc7c302 No.79380


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.79609


ID: d02dc7c302 No.79822


ID: d02dc7c302 No.79996


ID: d02dc7c302 No.80384


ID: d02dc7c302 No.80556


ID: d02dc7c302 No.80749


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.80874


ID: d02dc7c302 No.81113


ID: d02dc7c302 No.81458


ID: d02dc7c302 No.81694


ID: cc12450092 No.81812

File: 1484213438884.png (541.44 KB, 780x770, dp.png) ImgOps Google

ID: d775de513c No.81834

Bump! Share that video!

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.81896

bump! please share bro ^^^

ID: f5d5d26554 No.81903

File: 1484289215890.jpeg (44.24 KB, 178x671, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Did she get a breast reduction?

ID: 900f738ef1 No.81904

Whats her IG?

ID: d02dc7c302 No.81968

i was actually wondering if her boobs were fake. but i guess not. she looks a little skinnier in that pic, so maybe its from weight loss

ID: 348c6b7780 No.82070

Nice tits, love it

ID: d02dc7c302 No.82140


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.82171


ID: d02dc7c302 No.82283

where did you guys get those recent pictures from?

ID: 5141bc5897 No.82307

Can you give more vids pls

ID: f5d5d26554 No.82460

I got the recent pic cause i know her personally.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.82550


ID: d02dc7c302 No.82638


ID: d02dc7c302 No.82816


ID: 415b0d9a2e No.82980

Bump. Please share the video

ID: d02dc7c302 No.83147


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.83204


ID: d02dc7c302 No.83334


ID: 1c54d49f0f No.83354


ID: d02dc7c302 No.83508

looks like someone uploaded another vid on pornhub but its on private www.pornhub /view_video.php?viewkey=ph5876dd499c154

ID: d02dc7c302 No.83509

File: 1485187191733-0.jpg (155.67 KB, 1323x992, (m=eRSaaGqaWLamaz)S1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1485187191733-1.jpg (164.78 KB, 1323x992, (m=eRSaaGqaWLamaz)S2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dude is a lucky bastard

ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.83565

whre'd you get these? fucking bump

ID: 1c54d49f0f No.83650

share the wealth

ID: d02dc7c302 No.83660


ID: 1c54d49f0f No.83777


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.83876


ID: d02dc7c302 No.83992


ID: d02dc7c302 No.84217


ID: d02dc7c302 No.84436


ID: d02dc7c302 No.84566


ID: d02dc7c302 No.84692


ID: d02dc7c302 No.84918


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85086


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85134


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85259


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85352


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85457


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.85465


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85692


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85809


ID: d02dc7c302 No.85938


ID: d02dc7c302 No.86159


ID: 4bca766a3a No.86198

That is not DaisyPea in those vids.

ID: d02dc7c302 No.86330

it is her, stupid

ID: d02dc7c302 No.86447


ID: 79cd0c9ef2 No.86716


ID: d02dc7c302 No.86781


ID: d02dc7c302 No.87109


ID: d02dc7c302 No.87274


ID: d02dc7c302 No.87516


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