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File: 1514514949492.jpg (179.44 KB, 670x436, days-of-mercy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I heard some early caps of Kate Mara nude in her new movie with Ellen Page leaked. Anyone got em?


Ive been waiting since September for these to leak.


. Scene 1 u got kate and ellen driving in rv right after kate asks/teases ellen about sex life. Then song comes on that kate starts dancing/lip syncing to, looking mighty hot as she does. She gets ellen to come dance before they start kissing. Ellen takes off her shirt with no bra underneath, then kate takes off her shirt before removing her bra as my jaw dropped lol. Finally got to see her tits in all their glory as they start to kiss. The scene shifts to them on bed as ellen is on top of kate kissing her and implied fingering.



Shit, we need leaks now!


Nah, they don't exist yet :/ checked all the normal boards, something should've popped if they were out there.


heard it was up in a vola but taken down


I heard an old hermit living in the Andes had a copy on 8mm but you have to kill a guy with him before he trusts you enough to watch it with you.


the old hermit is harvey winstein




The movie was released in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

Looks like they will be playing the movie at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Janaury 2nd - Janaury 15th.

Hopefully another chance for it to leak.


good ol' shovelface finally shows her only decent asset huh? career tanked hard.



According to the official website, the movie is hosted on the 11th and 12th, so if any early caps are coming out, it'll be around then. Anyone feel like buying a ticket?


Too bad the “lesbian” scene wasn’t with an actual woman and not that 9yr old ugly dyke boy child


Haha someone’s jealous Ellen is a lesbian and married now

Go back to your hovel incel


When will we get to see this? Been waiting soo long for it to leak!


If anyone is in palm springs its playing at the festival tomorrow and friday, tix are available. Someone should try and get recordings, just look on mr skin for the times of nudity.


It was showing for the past 2 days… Anyone found leaks?




Bump. God damn, is it super hard to get cameras in these places? Not being sarcastic, I'm actually curious about these pretty prestigious film festival.



Who the fuck knows. I'm honestly surprised caps haven't leaked yet.


Ditto, wanna see her nipples




Can’t believe we’ve got nothing yet!


I’m a Mara maniac I must see those titties


cant wait gonna beat it so hard my cock will file assault charges




So when is this movie supposed to get released? Hopefully within the next 6 months


well from the sounds of it its a sundance film? a lot of those never make it to dvd


No way to stream it or download it yet? It premiered in September I believe, I thought for sure one of you dark web nerds would have gotten to it by now.




So nothing? What a shame.


Next screening is in Sydney on Feb 20th. Ellen Page just said it received an MPAA rating of R on the 24th, which at least means widespread distribution is likely. Hopefully sooner than later :/


Thanks for the update, the longer we wait, the better it will be. (So we hope)


how? its not like they are going to film more scenes while we wait


…Obviously? That’s not what I meant. I was meaning the longer we have to wait, the happier we will be to see it.


File: 1517618732080.jpg (119.34 KB, 1024x617, aPdgjOs.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hopefully not too long, I've been wanting to see her since this scene in Shooter


seems irrelevant weve been waiting a long time to see lots of celebs im not happier the longer i wait. if anything it might be less happy because some arent showing till they get older and saggy


You asshole bump the thread with a photo and its not the one we want.



Are you sure Ellen was talking about this movie? Cuz I checked her IG/twitter and she was promoting another movie on the 24th



Guess it wasn't her official Twitter, my bad. Regardless, looks like the info was correct!

"R for strong sexuality/nudity, and for language.
(Rating bulletin 2511 (Cert #51221), 1/24/2018)"




Glad I was wrong, thx for the info. Eager for that release


Release is projected to be October 2018


it was shown again today at another film fest fingers crossed someone got something?


God I hope something leaks before October


>October 2018



still holding out hope for a leak it has to be floating around out there someone waiting to be uploaded. I am too impatient.


My days of mercy playing at some upcoming festivals in March, if anyone in area try and get footage.

Sometime between March 9-16 in Mexico at FICG Festival

March 12 at Amsterdam Festival

March 13 Brisbane Festival

March 21 and 22 in London at BFI Flare Festival


well this could be the chance! there must be someone around in one of these locations.


yeah because anyone here will go out of their way to get nudes for your retarded ass to jerk your pathetic little virgin dick to.


No one is going to try and film at a screening


As some of the previous anons said, you would have to be a special kind of stupid to attempt capturing something like that. Not only would you get kicked out of the festival if you got caught, but you'd probably get blacklisted as well. I don't see those scenes leaking online before the movie gets more widely redistributed


File: 1520349212949.jpg (46.26 KB, 564x442, 4323afda41d1b40547b78eb277….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yeah you anons don't know anything.

Kristen Stewart had multiple leaks before it was released in Swedish on DVD and Blu Ray


Fun fact there was a cool move called hackers2 takedown.. went by some other names. was at indipendant film festivals while i did get a dvd quality rip i was trying to buy dvds of stuff to actually support the content back in the day and yea i just couldnt find this shit anywhere so gave up. think its iffy with these movies as to if they will goto theaters or come out on dvd one or the other or neighter


>hackers2 takedown
That shitty movie with Skeet Ulrich as Kevin Mitnick?


I'm not even sure what point you are trying to make.


you mean the point of this might not ever come to dvd so we wont see the clip


My point was that it was unlikely that we would ever see it until it got a broader release, I'd be more than happy to be wrong on this though


It plays at Guadalajara Mexico Festival on:
Saturday, 10 March 2018 at 8:30 PM
Sunday, 11 March 2018 at 6:20 PM



Damn why cant it be playing near me. The wait for this movie is so long lol.



The poster is out, hopefully some good news coming.


as much as i wanna see kate mara its pretty sad you guys are getting excited over every little thing. OH GAWD A POSTER!!! jizzed my pants. lol i just hope we can get a good quality rip of this and it is as good as claimed. seen plenty of these artistic love making scenes where they dont really show much at all.


I hate it is good. Kate Mara is a favorite—very sexy figure.


I don't see anyone getting super excited, just updates so no idea why you here bitching


incels have nothing better to do. certainly they don't spend time getting laid lol.


Niggers who use sjw reddit buzz words aren't welcome here

Get the fuck out


incel spotted.


^ Confirmed for newfag nigger

Back to your safe space hugbox


Theres tix left for thursday show in london whatson.bfi.org.uk/flare/Online/mapSelect.asp



triggered cuckservative detected


More tears from you pls

You're gonna cry even harder in 2020 when emperor trump gets re-elected lol


>>78836 top lol! like i'd live in the shithole USA. nah, I got out promptly after attaining my grad degree. now i make more and don't have to live in a nation of infant racist sexist xenophobic liberty hating inbred welfare losers lol. i literally know no one who has less than a bachelor's who got out of the US soon after getting it. the US is for high school drop out children who enjoy their slavery and poverty and drug and booze addictions and and shooting up their trailer parks. enjoy! lmao.


File: 1521463070494.jpg (31.66 KB, 332x500, e74.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


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