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File: 1514917812182.png (363.59 KB, 997x191, 1496542322233.png) ImgOps Google




has it closed already? can't get to the reg page?


go to thecandidforum.com/register.php

the .php is important at the end. try with different browsers!


Just click on login and it has a link to register under the login text box. Not rocket science here boys


it's not working…

I get redirected to the front page after hitting register


Not working for me. Should I create a new account or login from the old one?


File: 1515006640711.png (127.25 KB, 1184x716, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

the candid zone is dead too?


>username is already in use
fuck I've already had an account for probably a few years but I just forgot and never used it


Keep getting redirected to the frontpage. Anyone had luck in getting in a account?


Thank you so much! Holy grail, here I come!
Hopefulyy TCZ isn't dead…


File: 1515045463925.jpg (508.89 KB, 1080x1135, vlcsnap-00009.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

some epic vids over there


its not working


can someone make me an account its not working ?



I don’t mind but what’s in it for me



Nothing because I made an account for him already.


Hit me up at


for the login info.



Careful responding to >>7628. It’s weird he In Gmail he can see your IP and if it’s darth trap he’s asking for your up. Be safe.

It’s weird that nobody responded to your request then as soon as I offered to make you a free account suddenly he jumps in minutes later, saying he wants to help you. Proceed with extreme caution.

Tell me where I can email you and we can talk in private.



Yeah, I only responded because of the tone of your statement of wanting something in return. Shame on you trying to take advantage of his difficulty in creating an account that's free. To screw you over, I created an account for him for free.


Any idea what happened to it?




Is TCF down too now? It's rerouting me to Google.


another dead site


lol thanks boys chill out guys im just trying to get an account thanks tho


any ideas about getting around the rerouting when registering


Noone knows the admin of tcz..?

Hmm…maybe darth did the tcz to get the ip´s from all thieves….and now he want´s your money……impossible?
Think about…..May the force be with you!


i dont understand why i cant make account keep getting sent back to the home page when clicking on register..what browser should i use??


registration still open? i still cant make a account for some reason?


File: 1515364647053.jpg (11.06 KB, 275x275, 21557425_1401267206576962_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

seems it was a few days trial only, now they are asking for $$ to continue viewing, nice!!


can you guys tell me what this whole "It's an IP trap" thing is?

I don't get it. I found this section searching "candid board" on google. So whats all that about?



Nothing there worth paying for, not the extortionate amount at least.
The thread titles make me laugh most, really exaggerated titles on every post in order to be unique.
I could get free reactivation, but I shouldn't have to so sod them.


FYI: The whole "give likes/comments/thanks or be deactivated" is a myth. Youll be deactivated anyways. It's just used a benchmark for how good a video is, along with making the forum seem big.


So what makes it so hard to get an account on that forum? I'm willing to pay their $47 or whatever the price that forum charges but when I try to make the account it sends me back to their homepage. So I was using another forum to find some candid stuff from thecandidzone but that looks like its down now so if anyone has info that would be appreciated


obvious fed is obvious


theres actually some really solid stuff on there you just gotta be willing to lurk through hundreds of shitty candids



Why would a fed be interested in getting info about candid related users? The guy was asking what the IP trap thing meant. I don't see a correlation


You guys most likely are having problems registering for a new account because your IP's were previously banned. That should answer a couple questions in this post.


When you make an account all the ip’s you log in with get associated to your account. That’s why, even if your account is in good standing, if youre not logged in and click on register it just redirects you to the homepage. This is a measure to prevent members from making multiple accounts.


Just use a VPN if it's not allowing you to create an account. My account I created last week got deactivated due to "inactivity" so I created another one after signing into my VPN. Like another poster said, the quantity/quality of material has really gone down with all the new rules but once in a while there is something worthy to save on your hard drive.



Not sure how long VPN's are going to stay unbanned. Especially now you put that. So get what you want quickly.


I was willing to pay too. But it seems like it's an automatic reoccurring payment that's gonna keep on charging you automatically as it expires. I didn't see where you can just pay for your period and let that be it.


never pay for these faggots. they let you guys sign up from time to time for free..


the candid zone is back :)


it was down for a few days but now it is back and running at full speed for all your candid needs. the candid forum just wants money. here we just want candids.


I can't log into the Candid Zone. Says it can't find my account. No option to create a new account.





Cant login to the candid zone either now. 8(
Was logged in last night fine.

Any update whats going on?


tcf admin had the site hacked and everything deleted.


so they eliminated the competition, sounds logic


not deleted, all content is there if you're logged in. but I can no longer login as of today.



then how exactly do you know it is all there?


kind of a shitty thing to do, if TCF doesn't want another board popping up then maybe stop being a tyrant and blocking their own users, trying to get them to pay $$ to get their access back


Looks like it's dead, it now redirects to google.


TCF must be so afraid to loose a lot of $$$$ if they are able to put down TCZ….Who knows!? Hopefully they fight back….


when you open an account it only last 3 days before they start asking for money


They were losing too much money from stolen videos and tcz started getting original shooters. The threat was developing to something that could rival tcf.


you see now how TCF is working…like a greedy shark


Fuck that fuck tcf


and the registration is closed now


It was open for a few days. I signed up and now they want me to pay. It was free for the 1st few days.


fuck them


the candid zone is back!!!




How do you log into the candid zone? It can't find my old account and can't make a new one


lol good for them dont fuck with the candid zone


the fuck is with people wanting to "protect their work" ?? the fuck? they have some kinda mental disorder… do they not make it and share it with people? weird jew shit


dudes just wanna jack it to those videos.. they dont wanna fucking comment and follow some idiots rules, share it and stfu or dont share it for real! that darth bitch steals idiots content and charges like 50 bucks a month and bans dudes that just wanna jack off.. fucking loser site


i mean FOR REAL this voyeurslut guy (which.. his yoga videos are ONLY content on that site i care about(and some volleyball from another dude)) is bitching about his stuff being "stolen" .. when DARTH is the one stealing it and making money off it…


do you still need the voyeurslut videos? can see if his links are still up..




you can download most tcf vids off of this site, just append the thread url here: gasm.ninja/post/


what is password for the .rar? lol .. specifically the Yoga part 13


couple of links I saved from there:



>>7855 darth is dumb asfuck. But if you can't tell a shooter thanks for the chance to jack off , then your unappreciative ass deserves the boot.


lots of vids there


Does anyone have the password for VS69-Darkside29.rar?


anyone have links to that voyuerslut guys videos? seems like a douchebag. feel like we should wank to his stolen vids because of that shitty attitude


here's a video, but if anyone has this in original quality can you share that shit, cause it's pretty good


I forgot to post the link like an idiot: thecandidforum.blogspot.com/2017/12/my-darkside-adventure-episode-11-who.html

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