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/ft/ - Feet

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File: 1496088353987-0.jpg (499 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_o31wrryZGG1tmpks6o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088353987-1.jpg (473.48 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_o31wnyodCz1tmpks6o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088353987-2.jpg (94.95 KB, 900x506, 905_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088353987-3.jpg (48.38 KB, 506x900, 1956086352.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: f6df1adf20 No.664[Reply]

Beautiful amateur ethnic toes and soles

ID: f6df1adf20 No.665

File: 1496088476732-0.jpg (45.18 KB, 506x900, 1317618850.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088476733-1.jpg (45.18 KB, 506x900, 1317618850.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088476733-2.jpg (38.53 KB, 400x300, tumblr_opou2mCy3c1vmw09go7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088476733-3.jpg (61.9 KB, 337x600, tumblr_opou2mCy3c1vmw09go5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496088476733-4.jpg (44.05 KB, 506x900, xxdjMt5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1492972260488.jpg (1.25 MB, 2576x1932, 20170423_052421.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: e295805e38 No.621[Reply]

Let's see more gf feet

ID: e295805e38 No.622

File: 1492972425624.jpg (1.17 MB, 2576x1932, 20170423_053029.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: c8bab691f1 No.663

File: 1495990638927.jpg (5.58 MB, 5312x2988, 20170528_013744.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1491015905960.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1800, yxdytsv90fgn.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 3174bed3c0 No.606[Reply]

Does anyone know what site these pics come from? They look way too posed to be amateur stuff

ID: 750ee56307 No.662

File: 1495822750104.jpg (879 KB, 1200x1800, 841422433_174_122_587lo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i've been searching, no luck

File: 1485125106462-0.jpg (174.58 KB, 768x1024, 0d333a76f32bcc07745a045c6d….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1485125106462-1.jpg (447.97 KB, 1937x2582, c59cdf2d8632ef8fe10fe2dca7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1485125106462-2.jpg (1.1 MB, 1495x2571, c1260dc79b06bcaa23b2aa65b8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 5ae7bd9367 No.521[Reply]

I need some delicious sauce.
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ID: 918bd6633c No.525

You'd be more than coworkers soon if someone lets you take pics like this.

ID: 82a769884a No.603

has somebody the old post or more pics?

ID: f9e8ceaa3e No.658

I think its time to restart the search
What should we call our quest

ITT: what you would name the search for this /ft/goddess if it was a movie.

ID: 7c1a536c0e No.659


ID: fe10e84f02 No.660

I'd still go watch it

File: 1451567414747-0.jpg (46.5 KB, 1000x563, 720_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1451567414747-1.jpg (21.32 KB, 1000x563, 260_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1451567414747-2.jpg (11.6 KB, 1000x563, 719_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1451567414747-3.jpg (16.79 KB, 1000x563, 721_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: c09484e99b No.164[Reply]

Her feet are the best Ive ever touched, licked, sucked. Best soles ever..explode everytime. I Have videos on xhamster.

ID: c150bd9a9a No.168

These are incredible. Where in mass? I wanna cum on these!

ID: d691096745 No.193

Wow. Nice shiney smooth soles yum!!

ID: 9d6b860397 No.549


ID: 2734df9286 No.550

Link to xhamster please?

ID: 982b3bc242 No.653

File: 1495294760867.jpg (87.94 KB, 747x747, IMG_7724.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Mom in NH Sue Harris (P)almer

File: 1460127039976-0.jpeg (66.43 KB, 221x587, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1460127039976-1.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, image.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 8b6aa3b5bf No.211[Reply]

I've wanted to fuck her perfect little feet for SOO long
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ID: 3a3151d7dd No.366

Yes does she? And you should tell her you want to fuck her feet

ID: 8b6aa3b5bf No.483

To the top

ID: 8b6aa3b5bf No.619

File: 1492435127579-0.jpg (114.52 KB, 611x553, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1492435127579-1.jpg (242.95 KB, 640x960, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 8b6aa3b5bf No.648

File: 1494568554096.jpeg (78.62 KB, 312x678, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 8b6aa3b5bf No.652

File: 1495232001398.jpeg (104.83 KB, 401x733, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1476840393949.png (7.77 KB, 500x470, ohio.png) ImgOps Google

ID: b360038103 No.364[Reply]

How about an Ohio feet thread?
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ID: eca2c6ec14 No.500

File: 1484411236719.jpg (65.29 KB, 800x604, 094lff01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They're not being tricked. They know what it's for. And it's not porn it's foot modeling. We know people get off to feet. But people get off to eyes and lips and hands too but no one is forced to not show them in any other photos. So it makes sense for them to allow their kids to model. My models come in all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. I just don't like when people put out their social media and personal info. It's dangerous for them and it also causes some of them to stop modeling because of people being creepy or bugging them about pictures and videos.

ID: 86ac008084 No.501

Sounds reasonable to me. Big fan of your stuff, man.

ID: 259577cbd6 No.609

File: 1491095038583-0.jpg (1.38 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20170401_130000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1491095038583-1.jpg (1.4 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20170401_125806.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1491095038583-2.jpg (1.07 MB, 3187x2432, IMG_20170401_125616.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1491095038583-3.jpg (1.27 MB, 3524x2432, IMG_20170401_125924.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1491095038583-4.jpg (1.3 MB, 2432x3427, IMG_20170214_075653.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 5148864e6d No.630

File: 1493650138809-0.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170423-200421.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1493650138809-1.png (733.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161201-225703.png) ImgOps Google

I got this married gal that's always making me happy with these beautiful feet. She's perfect!

ID: 857f62ecae No.647

File: 1494467256105-0.jpg (1.66 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20170510_134320.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494467256105-1.jpg (1.63 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20170510_134243.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494467256105-2.jpg (1.67 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20170510_134007.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494467256105-3.jpg (59.87 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1455050875478.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494467256105-4.jpg (63.98 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1455050867404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1478225554703.jpg (1.21 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5367.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 5506af0c60 No.392[Reply]

OC, more if interest is there.

ID: 3f2315ac3c No.398

Would definitely love to see them with no socks.

ID: 523c725b1c No.583

Any of them with you? Yes pls

ID: 897def3bd4 No.600


ID: 9118640b29 No.644

Wow shocked this thread is still alive. Here is a bare feet pic.

ID: 9118640b29 No.646

Whoops pic didn't upload. Trying again.

File: 1493991853475-0.png (477.58 KB, 651x724, 20161031_172041.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1493991853475-1.png (399.46 KB, 479x727, 20161031_172118.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 1da0c4f741 No.639[Reply]

Thoughts on these?

ID: 1da0c4f741 No.642

Not a big fan of French either but I love her feet! I have more pics ;) lol

File: 1494292674907-0.jpg (128.86 KB, 576x324, 3mistressanne01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494292674907-1.jpg (126.86 KB, 576x324, 3mistressanne02.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1494292674907-2.jpg (125.3 KB, 576x324, 3mistressanne03.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: ad50f5ac99 No.641[Reply]

Mistress Anne Foot Worship 003


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