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File: 1505407408292.webm (143.48 KB, 418x564, whttck.webm) ImgOps Google

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Time to start a new thread apparently.






hey, does anyone have sth from lunless, nibitpls, narwader or mindlessgnome?


Still waiting for

anything new of Shingeki


Any Justanobody? Im faily certain none exist but a guy can dream.


dubu is in the sync


Will anyone ever unhoard Suhjgdf


what do you wnat from her that is not already in the sync?


Age and justanobody if you have


Someone please release those niggaplz gifs, there's been so much win shared the past week and they sound epic af


new niggaplz gifs have been shared this past week? where? o_O


They haven't been shared, but the guy unhoarding said that there is some stuff out there but he doesn't have them


All i'd care about is MEGYEAH and okee
The first one apparently has a skype vid, and the other probably have more than i have.


oh yeah that's me, I just misread your message, sorry.

TheWatcherWatch had them, most likely he doesn't give a fuck about unhoarding anything.

I wouldn't be surprised if some other people had them (because they traded with Watcher or for some other reason) but no one on this board seems to have anything to unhoard nowadays…


stine is who i want tossed in the shared foler the most. even if its the old shit


yeah it's most likely the old shit but I'll see what I have of her. I'll add her, tomorrow probably, im off for now. Later.



There are two videos in the sync.

Still waiting for those supposed hayle33/heyummi wins


Do you know how to contact this "Watcher"? (I feel like in a RPG quest)


Anyone? Would be great to see

Sandraluvsu /Sanluvsustill


Maybe I'm out of the loop here but what is the sync? I've been on this site for some time and never heard of it. Thanks.


I can't sleep ffs

I had him on skype, but I could not remember what it was, since it was a fake skype he used to get wins from chicks, he probably doesn't use it anymore.



Get that zip right there >>11474
then read the txt file in it.


Thanks for your answer.
Too bad, niggaplz's gifs might be lost forever…


can someone up the dubu and anastasia folders cause i don't wanna DL 5 gigs of other stuff.


Same, as much as I appreciate the effort, syncing 5GB really isn't feasible for me and I'd rather take a part when I don't need the other 4.9


Requesting CaroIine plz.
Somebody said there was a video?



Nah, I still have them


Could people start dumping their no name girls? like faceless ones or the ones with names like "gifyo#####" We might be able to match some of those to names as a lot of girls made secret accounts.


anyone got:



whoa i didn't realize tay-tur-tot win existed. that win is amazing. does anyone by chance have a link to her instagram or social media?


heyyummhii and natalkatym win would be great


emmaisatimelord would be a godsend.


new niggaplz is a MUST



dude you are awesome for that. and yeah whenever you can man im not gonna bitch haha


what happened to the gifs in the zanapatricia folder, use to be more


there was 2 more, but I realized 2 of the 3 private gifs in there wasn't her, it was nootela's private gifs.

If you check the history and see some stuff got deleted, it only means that duplicates (and in that case duplicates that were in the wrong folder) got deleted, that's it.


Does anybody know if any Justanobody actually exists?


Helka or princesspimpee? That would be great


possible to get the rest of itssoclassy?


I suppose you're asking for her newer stuff that some of you seem to have missed?

Hopefully I'll be done sorting out my gifyo stuff and updating the shared folder by the end of of next week. So the newer itssoclassy stuff will be there as well.


any other stuff from scoobysam?


kahlaforbes please


Awesome thank you. Still looking for familiar names in my hd but its so unorganized. Anything with Barbraa, lexaluff, sexxisushi, katecatherine, kaylorsss?


does anyone have any babejames, or that english lady cate something with huge tits? or any d0rkie?


Any Alexusjames, Helka, or BishyTif?


Shingeki skypes?

The selenaweirdo video was posted there was a guy who said he would post shingeki skypes if selenaweirdo skype was posted.


Anyone got anything from itslala/wwuutt ????


any suprslut? hottest girl ever on gifboom


some old gifs i found. OC


Almost 15 GB has been shared and despite I only have a few tens of folders left to sort out I got tired of this.

I'll upload the few remaining stuff I have left to share to MEGA and post them here when I'll feel like it.

I hope it was worth your time. Bye for now.


are these gifyo girls?


God amongst men, thank you.


Can anyone varify what is in the Suhjgdf folder? Is it just the 2 videos and 25 or so gifs? Or was there more added? Thanks!


Can someone post the code for the sync



Thanks for everything! Hoping you post the itsoclassy still lol. The sync wont work anymore for me, ideas why? (Nothing loads)


post narwwader in the torr pls



that's all I see boss.

Just want to say thanks to >>11559 for the contributions. it's been dry here for too long and you shared *so* much. kudos to you brah


wednesdayaddams nice


if there is something on narwader i'd love to see it. the girl is beautiful


where's a good place to store my files online for free? Anything that would let me upload and save pics, gifs, and videos with over 50gb?


if you mean to share a regular torrent might be the only way, I dont think the sync stuff works well at that size. If you mean for yourself amazon and google provide nearly unlimited upload space for cheap


where is the torrent? Thx


Anyone else seeing an empty folder in the collection?


Any tic28tac?


How does the collection work? I have it but don't quite understand. Is it automatically uploading stuff from my computer? And if someone updates it, does it automatically download the new update?



You receive whatever is prescribed from the OP. As more people get the files they will upload when you have the sync service running. You can of course limit the amount of upload or pause syncing.


any progress with the mega?


how the fuck do i access this? or is it down? requests a decryption key


yo why is there like not a single black girl in the entire sync? itsreyning is there but she doesn't really count. why no twintutus or lala or perolanegra or ila? requesting all of the above please.




File: 1506960404738.webm (4.22 MB, 224x400, 2764084277001_54486733270….webm) ImgOps Google




Here is age weshare.me/f57b67ac32f85c5b/Age.zip

Probably not in our lifetime



No private win? thanks though


I tried to get win in the past. But she blocked me.


Monoxidepanda anyone?


Anymore of wednesdayadams, great tits


who this?


Anything on justanobody?


need more of whoever this is wow


Anyone have any wins on helvetet/dewlin/isabell-lundgre?




anyone got any ayeanahere?


Can you reupload the dead links of kiersten @basically_h8u don’t remember gb account name please and thank you ❤️


hey OP you ever going to upload that mega with the rest?


Same thought. Waiting for the itssoclassy album as well


Did the shingeki skypes ever get posted?


Yeah but behind a paywall



Oh. Anyone know how many videos she did?








Can somebody link a download for the suhjgdf videos?


Can somebody link a download for the suhjgdf videos?


Scammer alert


Anyone got the terrycx stuff?


Don't be a fag. People know I am not a scammer


What people exactly? Cause what I heard is that you ask for proofs and to go first, then you disappear.

You are making a wishlist while you never shared anything from what you supposedly have, you're a joke hologramcracker.


Anyone please have the selenaweirdo wins? Ive searched FAR and wide for them and didn't find very much. I would die happy if they get posted!


This one is one obsessed motherfucker. Quit whining like a fucking baby and either share or shut the hell up. No trading allowed, you've been around for years but can't read and understand simple rules


The mega link is gone now and Im still here awaiting the selenaweirdo wins. Something? Anything?


Gifyos long dead, stop being hoarding cunts and post the wins already


Gross incel. Don't get so mad and just be happy you get to leech the crumbs.


I will not give up on the selenaweirdo videos. Someone post them on here please.




Not gonna happen unfortunately


I literally can’t find them
anywhere. The selenaweirdo wins will go down in history as watchmojos top ten wins discovered on anon ib if they get posted on here( not srs). If people would stop trading and boarding and just post them it that would be amazing. I’m here for wins.


there was a selenaweirdo vid in the sync


How can I go and get it? The link is dead. Maybe someone, somewhere on here can post it already??


if nobody else does I'll upload it for you at some point. I can't for now though.


Any Wednesdayaddams she was always teasing with her lovely cleavage


File: 1514825429716.gif (1.39 MB, 415x415, eedda739655987ae3a287df968….gif) ImgOps Google

You mean this girl right? I think there were some a while back, I'd love to see those :O


ohh nice, anymore out there?


That would be so awesome. IMO selenaweirdo wins would be historical because I literally cannot find them anywhere.


she was really fun in private


Do you have any saved? :D



Have at it, boys.


yeah sure for a link to the torrent




Oh my gosh!!! Yes!! More! Are there more?!


to what torrent?


bumping monoxidepanda


Where is the guy who said he would dump shingeki skype if selenaweirdo video was posted???


Bump for Wednesdayaddams


is someone actually going to reupload this or?


Need more dubu/lewserr stuff



agreed, anything got anything recent of her?


someone post the snyc!


Any xxponyoxxbea, chy5, kahlaforbes?


kahla and chy5 both have there own threads on here



those thread are dead though mate




I re-uploaded a few vids from the sync:




behind-my-eyes (Amanda):



anna69, jess:


CeceL4urenx (Cynthia):


pw for all 7z files is 4n0N_1


whatever happened to Mayhem?


misachii broke up with her bf and he dumped her nudes anyone have them?


bump for sorryisabella/stillsad




damn that is awesome, thanks


who here has ayeanahere?


Anyone have Ravenstarr or Newravenstarr?


Just wondering if someone one can help me out, I managed to lose all my alicewoody1 content. Can someone plz post a mega link.


anyone have any capnwojo?




Gifyo has been dead for years now dump those shingeki skype videos




So what happened to the saved Wednesdayaddams privates?



Re-uploading more vids from the sync:

alyssad€cola, alyssad4:

aMidnightToker (Ashley C):


Anoniiimaa (Renāte R):



byefggts (Lily M):




pw for all 7z files is 4n0N_1

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