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File: 1483339722774.png (99.17 KB, 1730x897, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

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All private gifs, google gifyo exploit. Well worth the $$ I paid.


are you taking request?


no, was just showing what could be bought rather than just buying a single persons gifs.


would you care to share a hint on exploit or give us something to work with?


Unsure what it does exactly, looks like it can pull anyones private messages. And thats what the post about it says.


could you hook me up with some people $$$ anyway I can reach out?


Is there alot of lexaluff?


for only 100 dollars i will make 50 folders with blank html files in them for u


nah fam lexa was boring


No win at all? Damn. Thanks anyways! Only other one im curious about would be sam092412



Only two gifs in hers, both were from people. Sorry.


Shit. Those were 2 main ones for me. Tic28Tac have good gifs? Or patrycjawb?



nope, no win from either of them.

let me clarify, no win in their Messages, there might be unnamed win on the server which is still accessible just dont know who gifs are.



tic28tac said her snapchat is super-pq in messages though.


was there anything in okee or bandgeeklife


how about mindlessgnome or nibitpls?


is there any win in niazkilam, davidbeccums, orglamtiggobitts?


Nothing worth mentioning.

Running on them now.

Running on nia now

stream2.gifyo.com/pictures/1832/comments/1433559152aab01924696b3246f31bb3fc9905b86c.gif + more

No user by that name?


What do you have on shingeki and oribear?


nothing on ori

a few things on shingeki


i meant or glamtiggobitts. and how much is there btw?
Also thank you



what else is there for shingeki?



stream2.gifyo.com/pictures/1535/comments/01df45e9258540200ca57250629d76e1-532345126.gif There is a bit ;)

And running on the other.

stream2.gifyo.com/pictures/1605/comments/3d4ad1b2a40788f7236a045ccdda6a3f-838186509.gif and niawhatever


im not sure how much you would charge for folders but I would be very interested in contacting you



I personally wont sell anything, but spending the $ to buy the script for the exploit was well worth it. The dude will also give support and take suggestions.


Can you make an zip of everything on Shingeki MVP Anon?


If you could post all the davidbeccums, that'd be great.

And if there is wuwei (As that other thread indicates)



I could do that, but I've shared more than enough of stuff that hasn't been seen before.


What can be done then?


That's true, I just figured since you were posting but not charging that you'd take requests. Sorry.


to be fair he has and I thank him for it but I wish to get into contact with that guy who has the script I would like to buy that or service.



This is the email for the guy, gifyo.throwaway@gmail.com. Contact him. I'd rather not have my API key disabled.


Thanks will check, is there win from Shingeki? If so, could you post 1 last gif?


thanks bro really epic stuff there. Was there more graphic of db findings? Also sent an email how soon will they respond?



unsure what timezone hes in but I've dealt with him normally in an hour from now.


I assume there's no way you'd post more in a vola in the mean time?


i have to know, is there anything on TerryCx?


I second that


Whoa, is this dude serious on that exploit price? HE wants 50 BTC minimum which is over $50000 USD. That can't be right.

Also seriously doubting bandgeeklife has nothing in private based on obvious to guess reasons. Either this exploit can't get everything or OP is lying.



Never mind, missed the dollar sign he posted, so he wants 0.05 BTC minimum.

Still have my doubts about how useful this is if a user has deleted a private conversation, however.


Will this pull from cache or does it just get the links that are live?if someone deleted all their gifs will this be able to extract those?


Is there private gifs of justanobody and mydevilishdesire?


im waiting on the guy to email back because I got his btc now. Could you do me a solid and post another of davidbeccum or tell me how much content is in there?


Any wins in Uxiie/Linneatj/Sorryimanton ?




Voldemortt or imageryinmyeye?


No you can't get the deleted gifs, only the ones that are still on the account.


I have a script myself and will sell it for half his price. Just email me.


i would fucking kill if you could check Jivanca

and i see stinepigeon in that folder of yours..


The Selizm433 folder is interesting me too.


email sent waiting on response


Good job responding to yourself?


Looks like a scam there
also says it only works on one account with base package so not as good as other guys


anything on kkshawtybeotch or dubu or katy-k


Do you have something from Stinepigen


Have anything on MonoxidePanda or OliviaEtc?


anything on strawberryari?


What about kissesnandhugsx? Anything in private?


any nettle, callofnudie, yagirlbedope, or morganrachel21?


Anything on yogini, wuwei, or lilk8?


what do you have on selizm433


Please dear god post Azn. Or at least describe them.


What do you have on jessiej7 and LittleSammi?


Fuck all you guys, just share and stop ruining this shit.

I will start.





Now your turn.





If you have lexaluff wins you would be my hero


My wishlist:


thx anon!





File: 1483489672499.gif (555.81 KB, 415x415, srjr6swuw5s.gif) ImgOps Google

would love some monoxidepanda.


Wishing for karmacomatic



Don't have any of the above! Anyone got more on Tora?

/a/9V6lN (1 pic)


Any chy5?



I need more Shingeki. Anyone with vids or screencaps?


Any xlol#tax?



Can't find the videos, but I found them a couple of months ago here on this board.


please someone finally post some alexusjames!


anything on imnotcaitlyn?


Any recent vann? Before she left?


fucking thank you for jivanca!! now hopefully someone with the exploit can get her privates..




Justanobody, I know shes posted nudes but never been able to find them!!


These videos?





I would give the exploit for talyer compton or claire abbott win. no $$$ needed. Serious offer.


any nameit gifs?


come back exploit man you are the greatest person on this board!!


here you go





>>8850 Yes!!

Guys. We need Shingeki.


Stinepigen please




wish list


what i have on Jivanas to keep this going


File: 1483608472693.jpg (39.5 KB, 640x709, muu0btu - Imgur.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oops here it is


anyone remember anna69/jessssssssss?

heres a webcam bate of her


script maker here, op has lost his access due to this thread


jk he made me post that for sharing with you guys.

have some avealis


would do the request but he actually did remove my access




dude that sucks! but thanks for still sharing what you got though.

Would still kill for whatever stine you got in that foler man if its unseen win..




Lots of alicewoody1 win.


Please tell me you can post wuwei or davidbeccums. (Or both. Preferably both. Definitely the former)


were there studdedhipss/itssoclassy?



never scanned



didn't she go full cam girl or something?


where did you see this?


any audreyannaleigh, colamarie0526, or melissaanncorso?


For the love of the cosmos, can somebody please post some black girls? Itsreyning or her many iterations? Lala? Perolanegra?




nettle plzzzzz


LittleSammi/im1ofakind please


alicewoody1 seconded


Tic28Tac ? She was cute as fuck


any more jivancas? ;O


I second this. There's probably no win but she was totally cute.


You are correct, no win there.


Doesn't matter, she deleted many gifs, some with bras. I'd still take it.


Any amandaf0ku?


if he removed your access you might as well dump everything

idk man $50 for a script that only scrapes gifs that are still up and you can't even share your finds, no way that's worth it


File: 1483715447246.gif (447.91 KB, 160x120, 136028527993.gif) ImgOps Google

bumping with the only known topless of stinepigen. please let there be win in the privtes..


summerdaygirl please?


>paying 50 dollars to have some nigger tell you what to do with what you bought


anything of litenlinnea, svarovskaya or emililly


rosyboo or ssalami?


File: 1483813141242.gif (1.84 MB, 400x300, litenlinnea.gif) ImgOps Google

Here's littenlinnea


pretty sure he meant private stuff or stuff we haven't all seen yet


can anyone post everything they got on basicbitchbarbie and mayhem?


+1 for ssalami


there are nudes of ssalami in another ubhoarding thread




any for lexiloux3


Any algore/looneymooney…


what's in those insanelyyours and slimzoe folders?


any sunnystich or exhalesociety?


Needs more justanobody


Second this, op you got any?


Asking again for Tic28Tac, doesn't matter about the wins, i'll take everything.
Many gifs were deleted on her profile.


Post idkokayidk and fuzzylittlepeach skype vids and I will fulfill your request. Include the gifyo name with the link to the vids.


Would you have any PrincessPimpee, please?


Litenlinnea, tammie, captwojo/superlame


does anyone please have any Helka win?


If i had that it would be yours, but i don't.


check email.


any d0rkie ???


for the love of god someone post some sylvirad privates


Are there any tricks for viewing broken private gifs pre-2013?


reups po


reups ye


re up


please upload the insanely_yours folder




do you guys have MagicChop?


File: 1484625113456.jpeg (38.83 KB, 480x480, vxIVRdbQ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Does anybody actually know if justanobody has nudes?


Now that gifyo is dead they want to sell their content realizing its worthless lol. You're stupid if you spend money on it


that's it.


A close one


I know, it seems she only has 'close ones' tho!






Any Emmaisatimelord?


emmatimelord ?


who eeen is theat ?


Check no.3385


Reminder of her:



Looks like Gifyo is done. The site is redirecting to a placeholder page. Either the domain expired and someone snatched it or they sold it and they're done.


That's fucking hysterical. Too bad that means no more ssilver


Yep, Just a couple of days after the slut girlfriend of MIKEFAG41 was exposed. The dude who sell the win must make it public. Both are big cunts.


actually changes are being made



ssilver dump?


How do you know?


i have valuable sources


Almost literally everything is on the archive or her public profile.


can someone reup wuwei plz


Are they actually fixing shit already? Gifyo has been shit for so fucking long.


What kind of changes? Because there's a lot to do on that shitty site.
Some people can't even upload gifs, there isn't an android app, nudity is banned while it was why people posted and visited it…
Since they banned nudity, there is, at best, 30 to 50 posts every day.


Dude nudity was always banned, I just want to know how long until its back up.





anything on jos, loveismisery, jellyc, or malasuerte?



When i joined the site, there was nude girls almost everywhere, and nothing done against it. It started to change 2 years ago or something like that.


Yes almost, unless there were private gifs or vids cause if so then I don't have it, but all of the public ssilver is there


I don't know about private gifs but there are caps of a skype vid in Buenofreak/STFUBISH thread (her previous accounts), the vid has never been posted tho





Requesting songofstorms


Requesting Davidbeccums.., I've checked all over and could never find anything other than her gifyo stuff.. If you have more, please share, You'd be amazing in my books!



File: 1485010078568.jpg (75.35 KB, 819x749, C1ihfkWW8AEf5Tz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Anyone know when Gifyo will be back up?


can anyone post the Jos folder? I know loveismisery sent lots of nudes too if anyone has them.



probably won't


MOAR BBYGRR, hot damn!



this 'gifyo exploit' was the final blow to Gifyo.



jessiej7/Erin101, what do you have on her?





It's appreciated. Any chance you'll post the more than feet ones?


haley33 s feet


haha I'm wondering how much money she got for sucking on her feet


ive never seen anything on Jos, be great if there really was stuff on her


douchedick win feet and ass


douchedick imgur.com/a/rU8jX


anything on Tinayoshile, torrey, niazkilam, alertjasmin, daisymax, kissesandhugsx, thatcorinne, amphigory, Dimaraleigh, sweet wendy,


aokigahara, nibitpls, mindlessgnome perhpas?


How bout niggaplz


Got any chy5?


iatearainbowyum / iatearainbowyu?


would LOVe some Tinayoshile or alexusjames finally


nice, thanks!
but would love if you could post something other than feet


bump for amphigory, that ass is too nice to miss out on






lol at the sad fuckers posting feet gifs as "wins" haha


You mean MIKE545's ugly ass gf got exposed or who are we talking about? Hahaha fuck


Oh come on, leave that gal alone! She was cool n nice




Marthetjuh (for the love of god)

These are all busty to really busty - hoping for some win on them.


dunno any of these, but would love to see


second Marthetjuh, would kill for her win


File: 1486387085997.jpg (95.47 KB, 456x810, jivancas.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

more from jivancas



Had her on FB. Loud hyper-vegan feminist. Still, nice body doe.

Anyhoo OP, deliver the busty requests, please?


Any of Wazzam?


any and everything please


anything on darlinnik? She was a huge slut in PM


Any Mayhem?


Anyone got some chy5?


File: 1486643667783.jpg (116.42 KB, 1171x1171, 13187916_1202516733100610_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Bump gifyo is dead dump shingeki skypes :)


File: 1486668194657.gif (1.54 MB, 415x415, 970be52be7d247081bf39ea822….gif) ImgOps Google

Anyone got more wuwei


i never see these ones get posted, so there must be more uncovered


oops, forgot to post the gif


idk whats wrong with it, here's a imgur link


File: 1486669097332.jpg (88 KB, 1080x720, 9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this one is rarely posted here


Can someone repost wuwei




File: 1486821878861.gif (1.07 MB, 415x415, f9e7492d4afbe8a69c9e222e0f….gif) ImgOps Google



Those were on gifyo


Any chy5 or xxponyoxxbeea?


Misachii anyone?


idk but i really hope someone has and posts something


is more jivanc???


any liachan?


Who is this?


File: 1487860036386.gif (1.48 MB, 415x415, 5EZ2rNZ.gif) ImgOps Google

Why is amphigory so rare here?


File: 1487860538212.gif (806.27 KB, 400x300, UyBpAHi.gif) ImgOps Google

Anything on nerdpirate?


Cause noone want to see skinny boy bodies.
the only good thing about her is that ass, and there is already some nice asses here


File: 1487862280283.gif (1.51 MB, 400x300, ntYIedI.gif) ImgOps Google

Can anyone remember her name?
Old but gold



sandraluvsu and sandraluvsustill.
As hot and heavily racked than she was adorable.


File: 1487886550678.gif (1.24 MB, 400x300, 4zR13Zj.gif) ImgOps Google

Have any other wins?
Here is some nerdpirate, i see it requested


gonna post all these again since a lot of people missed em, also i assume all those privates you had as html files are gone, right?


let's keep on posting guys, also sandraluvsu is in the imgur


chy5 please!


God bless!




All i have on chy5


And sandraluvsu



You're a legend mate!
If you have some narddey, we can get the wuwei dump


File: 1487898303104.gif (1.69 MB, 450x337, 1349481931030.gif) ImgOps Google

Anyone know who dis?



Thanks for sharing



I'm sorry but i don't. I have things but not here.


Amazing work my man, any chane you have Justanobody?


File: 1487908885460.jpg (883.54 KB, 1745x958, qesrfdgjfhgjjhg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

All i have is there, some have already been posted, some aren't worth it… That all i have from gifyo


SoundsDirty please


MissFrankTurner and Shitjusthappens please


What do you have on Monstrousraven?


File: 1487918867234.jpg (317.37 KB, 1280x864, 974123356.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Found this on a /b/ thread anyone manage to find her skypes yet?


alicewoody1 is worth it ?



Non nude mostly /#!iFxGxLTQ!dfBamUM9Eg9qXFWSSY2QrmU1xqWlicb9deGVh34uqn0



MissFrankTurner /#!KIInzbRB!traCDaBxIu1_A5yaVsWiTZXJwMF6A8zi8HIv4dsI6UY

As for Shitjusthappens I just have 2 gifs, both not interesting.



No real win, but see by yourself



No real win, but interesting.


Sorry guys if it's disappointing, i don't have a collection as huge as OP


would really appreciate rockkinextazy and okee. great posts so far man!



okee: /#!vd4BjYgJ!P3dn6QCzOOIKLqNJGHidhJoDWZEFdORxSjdtf2-_bkQ

rockkinextazy: /#!HURRCRrK!RinFCnNkkWykBZ-qzNDTHoI7y-EKYIPh_tvVUqqYFJ8


ImnotCaitlyn please




katiepie (please), sadJPG, emmaisatimelord

thank you


anything besides the normal on stine?


giraffia and sylvirad please?



I only have 2 uninteresting gifs for katipie and a pic for emmaisatimelord.

sadJPG: /#!uURhhaiI!BGvoKnAnfIVJQmQknb5NS1wUTDfPZH4sXltRjILd0dI



Nope, all i have come from here, i think



I have nothing interesting on the, 2 gifs for giraffia and a pic for sylvirad


shame. i know katiepie was banned for something because she told me, but not what she did

still thanks dude


yogini and sylvirad?



Nothing on sylvirad, just a pic.

yogini: /#!ORgEhIiD!LIfleqSZJNBWrhrcHCzXT_18X-V9QI8TinoL1ye5VLI


File: 1488005713716.jpg (36.53 KB, 752x629, jivanca2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

more of jivancas


File: 1488014904795-0.gif (1.04 MB, 415x415, 1CdSxPHyzJ.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1488014904795-1.gif (1.27 MB, 415x415, 1BxSdnz.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1488014904795-2.gif (1013.13 KB, 415x415, 9b1ef99e7e0136d6a8764d900b….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1488014904795-3.jpg (68.43 KB, 720x960, 1418661146664.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


how big is your Mayhem collection?


Anything is great dude, thanks!



Mostly pics, many found here.

31 pics and 68 gifs, but i think if you've seen her threads here, you've seen most of what i have.


Can you post alicewoody1?



Already did in >>9837


Anybody have daimiiv?


why is this thread not bumping when people post?


Someone post MissFrankTurner/NSFWPrincess, please?


Reached bump limit of 250 posts


seems like gifyo is just a domain parking page now



Already posted it some post above.



The link doesnt work for me. :/ why?



any mo?


What do you have from Mike545 ?


Bump this


What about Princesspimpee? Any1?


Could you re-up the pic of emmaisatimelord?




anyone have any of "felce"?


Anyone got any on helvetet?


File: 1507278861809-0.gif (1.16 MB, 440x330, 1c7501191b9df0b2315f30c958….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1507278861809-1.gif (1.59 MB, 440x330, 062d08ea45524204775c7bc1ec….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1507278861809-2.gif (1.22 MB, 440x330, 15f286635b33f7114df49ddef0….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1507278861809-3.jpg (62.25 KB, 856x1000, stock-photo-198606519.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Someone have more NSFW of her?



Not sure if win, but:



File: 1514991294847.gif (615.89 KB, 440x330, acac7e2fab6a3a35cf96eb5168….gif) ImgOps Google

known as aimeerawrs, surullinen, keepoffmypussay etc


imgur/ a /6ALWi

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