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File: 1464355113251-0.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160527-090316.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 827f373d33 No.2840[View All]

She a marine any wins? Kally wayne
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ID: c7dbfc62d1 No.6012

If she on here. Then kally dump that pussy. Everyone begging to see it

ID: c7dbfc62d1 No.6013

Bump kallys pussy

ID: 83100eab22 No.6016

What was the name?

ID: 37b8fa8047 No.6020

File: 1485206599579.jpg (142.54 KB, 577x1024, IMG_5776.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: b2a5c7cc2f No.6021

how are you guys finding these pics if her tumblr is gone?

ID: f952a29bb0 No.6026

Dude, you're amazing please keep sharing

ID: 47993effc8 No.6029

Bless you sir, this is heavenly!

ID: a6096b80e2 No.6035

Does she do anal?

ID: 10b61e8a39 No.6036

She talks about eating ass so I wouldn't doubt she gets her ass failed out

ID: ee0473ebbf No.6047

Can I please get a full frontal with fits

ID: 23018af3c9 No.6048

fuck thats an amazing pussy

ID: 23018af3c9 No.6049

anyone link the bj vid to her current bf? lol

ID: 8a90ca38dd No.6057

File: 1485403217519.jpg (206.1 KB, 960x1280, IMG_0438.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 9ba0be493c No.6058

Nice wish there was a video of her getting pounded hard.

ID: 82348d2546 No.6060

Besides her banging body, her eyes are amazing

ID: 64b63b0383 No.6064

Yes yes yes!!! Any more of those titties??

ID: eb60b7f38c No.6080

Always the same tragedy! This girl is (was) a 10/10: Beautiful face, wonderful body, nice tiny tits, perfect pussy - stunning eyes. She even seems to be funny and friendly.

Why the hell would someone as a girl inside of this body ruin herself with such tattoos? Why the hell would someone then act like a bitch and fuck with everybody?

Girls like her have no self esteem and will always be whores of guys who don't value females. They think its individualism to destroy her bodys with tattoos and piercings without even thinking about, how beautiful they already are. There's also a high amount of stupidity.

Don't get me wrong. I'am not a white knight. I realised several times in my live, that the most beautiful girls got fucked by hateful trophy collectors who used them like sex puppets. This is a regularity. But i should have known it earlier in my life. ;)

ID: 69a77a8478 No.6081

You sound Iike a fucking stalker

ID: eb60b7f38c No.6083

Really? I can asure you, i'am to fine for such a pathetic behavior. I also can't comprehend why my text would convey something like this.

Only thing i wanted to make clear is, that you should never be to nice. If you meet a girl like her, don't be shy.

ID: 46ed4c1a12 No.6085

I can guarantee you own a fedora and say shit like "how come girls never want the nice guy" on Facebook

ID: eb60b7f38c No.6088

Maybe 25 years ago that could have been possible. When i was a good boy. But there was no Facebook at all. And today i would't think twice and take any chance to get into her wonderful pussy.

I guess most of you never have fucked or touched a girl for real. And most of you are only fapping to vids and pics of bitches like her. Thats okay. And i appreciate the fact, that girls like her seemingly only exist to be fucktoys. One can not change the laws of fucking or getting fucked. And the pool of new talents will never run dry.

ID: 8dbce2d52b No.6103

You are one creepy ass fucking cradle robber.

ID: c3837acd48 No.6120

File: 1485912293692.jpg (71.3 KB, 540x960, IMG_1456.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: b2a5c7cc2f No.6130


ID: 82348d2546 No.6132

damn she is fucking gorgeous

ID: 623e2696cd No.6155

bump I gotta see more

ID: 31c4fcc9d1 No.6160

It's kind of shitty to even say this because I won't share but I have a short video of her walking down the beach in a thong from this past summer. Even though I love seeing her photos I will respect her privacy by not putting it out there.

ID: 3416d95186 No.6161

File: 1486117462127.jpg (35.62 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1478036111233.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Share the video. She loves the attention. Most of these pics she shares publicly in FB groups.

ID: 31c4fcc9d1 No.6162

Yes share the video!!! On a side note what FB groups is she in lol

ID: 31c4fcc9d1 No.6163

Lol buddy grabbed my phone. Sorry can't share

ID: fda4581803 No.6164

it's a vet fb page and ur just a puss post that shit

ID: 31c4fcc9d1 No.6165

I am a vet….. but since you called me a puss let me get right to it and post it lol.

ID: fda4581803 No.6166

so am I devil

ID: 9ba0be493c No.6169

Where is she posting these on Facebook.

ID: 9ba0be493c No.6170

Where is she posting these on Facebook.

ID: fda4581803 No.6184


ID: fda4581803 No.6190

bumper bump

ID: ed0cf8f0b6 No.6202

She left the one Facebook group that I am aware of.

ID: a01abbd97f No.6216

She's such a slut but a good looking one

ID: a01abbd97f No.6230

Who has any new videos of her

ID: 87dd58a634 No.6232


ID: d526958b17 No.6242


ID: ccbd8bbfc6 No.6259

not a slut. she's kinda obsessed with south states, rednecks, diping and army shit. thats just naive and stupid and leads in a slutty behavier. thats all. ;)
tell her, you are the cowboy, and she won't keep her legs together

ID: d526958b17 No.6280

Bump for more of this girl

ID: fda4581803 No.6281

bump bump

ID: a9e8ac9504 No.6310

Bumpity bump bump

ID: c2a924e85d No.6327


ID: 8a90ca38dd No.6348


ID: d521e9c5d3 No.6374

bump bump bump

ID: d521e9c5d3 No.6375

bump please

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