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File: 1514453028808.png (1.18 MB, 1600x1200, 05d469fe-15a1-4e17-8489-bb….png) ImgOps Google


Hey guys any new bypass? Thanks.


all the webs that i find to bypass are scam…




what happens with this two site?
closed site?




How about just stop being a freeloading cheapass??


can you explain why are you here?
are you different?


The bypass is like robin hood. Robbing from the bastards who hoard vids and only share as they feel and give to all.

Big Bump!




Sorry for my bad english, because I'm using Google Translate. I'm brazilian. First, Thank you Friend for the Wonderful Tip =) For Friends, searching for the videos is very simple.

Example: I need this Video: www.camwhores.tv/videos/1838739/emilygrey-public-video/

The Video Code is 1838739

Access the link of our friend ai:


Use CTRL + F and search for your code 1838739, if you do not find the last number of the Link (That is the page) for 2 and so on until you find the code of your video:

Ex: www.camwhores.tv/sitemap.xml?type=videos&from_links_videos=1

Change the last for 2 by getting:


Then just go alternating.


I don't understand


Why do people post this shit in public like this? Your just going to get this shit fixed.


I doubt they can even fix an untied shoelace. End of the day, they make money off of their site aids. If they fix all of the backdoors, there will just be less traffic/revenue. I think they're more than aware of this.


3mily Gr3y mega.nz/#!a1wglK5b!EDBh2nfCubVYFljKf1DB-ViZmt7CmNSgBJMzW9Rs3jk


can anyone grab this?










This fucking works! I'll try to explain it better: So you got your private video in your browser and it has a number in the adressbar - this is your video ID. Then you open the sitemap link provided by our brazilian friend whick ncludes all the videoslinks. By default it is on page one. Then search for your video ID. If you don't find it,change the last number in the URL to 2, so now you're on page 2 of the sitemap. Search again and repeat till you find your ID.

I quickly realized that the video IDs are all in reverse order, so you can kind of tell on wich page your ID will be. I had to go to page 39 for one of mine, took me just 5 miutes or so. Thanks man!


I want to kiss you fuckers Thank you!


www.camwhorestv.co/videos/1279789/guinevere10/ can anyone find this one for me and upload it I cant find it on the link


you couldnt find it or you couldnt be bothered to look ? … video is from 5 months ago so video will be hard to find , try secrhing from about page 700 on and you might be able to find it


It was not in the 700 to 650 it skiped it


Looks like this does not work all the time. Tried it for www.camvideos.tv/25028/remyxo-group/ but I got this www.camwhores.tv/videos/25028/emmalee-free-webcam-show-2015-june-17-10-01/ which is a totally different vid.


can some one pleas get this one it was not in the link www.camwhorestv.co/videos/1279789/guinevere10/


Here you have a site to download from cw

Try it


you're looking at 2 different sites , canwhores and camvideos is why theres 2 same page codes



Has anybody got this working correctly?

It seems to only download the first 90mb of any video I try


it worked for me, but was a small vid


Anyone got these? Also ID?




>>112376 get'm yourself u lazy fuck


Bit hard when he won't accept FR so you can view private vids, you dumb nigger fuck.


^^ hey you fucking piece of trash of the society , YOU CAN GET THEM YOURSELF , YOU'RE NOT ABLE TO FUCKING READ !! Dont need to accept a friend request or even sent one , its all fucking explain in that post and if you cannot grab them yourself , go fucking jackoff on some incest shit on pornhub you piece of shit


What an incredibly angry nigger you are.


>>112398 as opposed to the silly nigger you are?


Go play with the cop, you odious coon


Neck yourself, stupid coon


works perfect thank you!


this site is good, but how to bypass camsclips.com?


aww thats so cute. silly nigger got his feeling hurt. it'l be ok lil nig, it'l be ok.


Thanks for the code. I get how it works, but maybe somebody can help me. I'm looking for code #236615. Page 1428 begins at #236948. Page 1429 ends at #234456.
It's like there's a missing page. Do I try something like 1428.5 or 12428a to find that page?


You have to check the mirror sites so instead of camwhores.cc swap the cc with .tv or .biz .sc .io .adult


Thanks, man. It worked.


Why are you so mad, jungle bunny?


Here you go, dickstretch



such a cute lil nig


What's with all the racism. Let's get back to what this site is for: FAPPING.





How can I rip this vid?



Would this work with private albums?


It's pretty well explained already. try to read for a change.



please wait for a few days and you'll have another bypass site working





This isn't on the sitemap list method apparently is hit or miss?



i had the same problem when i was trying to download alohaali bg bj video

the good thing some other guy uploaded it too so there was two of them the other one did apear on the site map

try looking for an identical other video from some other guy


here's the more annoying thing. Firefox video rippers don't work with the site anymore? Even for public videos…how are you guys getting around this?



Ill try looking again its the only one I saw


Can anyone help me out?



I think they got wind of it and hit pvt vids :/

Sigh… all good things come to an end


Video DownloadHelper still works. You just have to know what to download. Its nearly always the video number you have to select, not the video name.


Idk. Like take this video for instance
If I use that plugin I see a few entries for the video with the correct file size but if I download them it only saves 25kb files, and the rest are ~1mb files. Is it just me, or are you guys getting the same error?


yes this error sometimes happens. you must try 2 or 3 times and it's ok

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