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File: 1462208223915-0.jpg (728.29 KB, 1089x1590, 0ZiPEAj.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1462208223915-1.jpg (240.38 KB, 960x1280, 1BwkNZk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1462208223915-2.jpg (229.06 KB, 960x1280, DQcht9B.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1462208223915-3.jpg (193.74 KB, 960x1280, YkOCnDk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: df320aa867 No.4725[Last 50 Posts]

She has a new $15 video.

Here it is (delete spaces)

pornhub. com /view_video.php?viewkey=ph572762b289cd4

mega. nz /#!Pk0zyJhB!9dmaPDv8qdX2IXUB2iljcsmWg8tR2i8j98cVbnYBW70

thepiratebay. se /torrent /14503965

ID: f251bb53fd No.4733

She's a cutie

ID: cce923a1f3 No.4741


Dude. That torrent link. You are a fucking HERO.

ID: 3e4772c283 No.4779

Anybody have links to her other stuff? Thanks

ID: 2eeffb40e6 No.4781



ID: 9a11290a26 No.4803



ID: d358307a8d No.5633

any more info on cinnamon?

ID: d358307a8d No.5644

i know she used to go by skelatalbones.

anybody else with details?

ID: 150aab1ee4 No.5659

I'd love to see her old skeletalbones stuff

ID: d9bbf9ee1e No.5666


Was that the account they doxxed on 4chan?

ID: 64ae2cebe3 No.5670

Anyone know why when I download that second mega it just keeps restarting? Downloads all 2.whatever gig then just restarts. Never finishes.

ID: d358307a8d No.5674

she was doxxed? more info?

ID: 19163d7d5f No.5675

I just heard it happened to her on an old account, when she was more careless with personal information she posted

ID: cce923a1f3 No.5690

File: 1467414910478-0.jpg (52.84 KB, 640x480, 2f864q-005-e2yor3C.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1467414910478-1.jpg (158.24 KB, 960x1190, 2fvmw6-Vye071J.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1467414910478-2.jpg (272.67 KB, 960x1280, 2jd6j8-009-UL00xFx.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>I'd love to see her old skeletalbones stuff

If you wish to further know that she is psychotic here you go: depositfiles.com/files/bxw0e5z77

She is going to make stupid men pay in divorce court one day.

I didn't get any of her /r/sexwithdogs posts. Probably for the best.

ID: 4a586f0c18 No.5691

weak ass moralfaggots

sex with dogs by women is perfectly fappable

ID: 6c92b93d03 No.5692

Thanks for the file, very much appreciated

ID: 2eeffb40e6 No.5694


ID: de21fdb479 No.5698

File: 1467470159398.jpg (80.59 KB, 640x640, 9fR9c.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'll just leave this here…

ID: 0fcd74af48 No.5700


ID: d3c2e5ae9a No.5701

not her dumbass also what a hideous leprechaun

ID: 88156dbe77 No.5710

got a name?

ID: de21fdb479 No.5711

Here's the source of that face pic. You tell me if it's for real:

ID: 88156dbe77 No.5713

certainly looks real…she posted it herself?

ID: 6c92b93d03 No.5715

That's clearly her, exactly the same lips, chin and hair

ID: 88156dbe77 No.5722

somebody has got to know her.

ID: add0e8e9ec No.5824

On her sub she says she's selling face pics (non-nude) for $1000. What the literal fuck

ID: 1abd0e8a88 No.5829

i'm fairly certain this is just a joke

ID: d358307a8d No.5830

c'mon! somebody's gotta have more info

ID: 293bf8519a No.5834

I'm fairly certain if someone said here's $1000 she'd do it. So, not really a joke

ID: d358307a8d No.6161

BUMP! any more face pics?

ID: 592b923537 No.6215

Carman420. Ring any bells?

ID: 1186a9f7ce No.6228

Carman420? Huh

ID: a79a001bc7 No.6255

Anyone got her new video?

ID: a43edb6cac No.6303

Bump for her new video

ID: 77e59d6f0e No.6323

someone must have her new video

ID: 2eeffb40e6 No.6324


he probably meant carmen420

ID: 33233f8bf8 No.6343


I see the resemblance, but I have her on Facebook and I dont see her tats in any of her facebook pics.

If I can confirm, ill post proof.

ID: 181d724bd8 No.6344

any where someone could find all of her u/skeletalbones stuff?

ID: d358307a8d No.6371


new info anybody??

ID: c69dc5a7d8 No.6737


ID: abccab600c No.6752

She hasn't posted in over 2 weeks which is unusual for her. Must be something big going on in her personal life

ID: b306181086 No.6994

who got that new video though?

ID: 93a0afa1b6 No.7101

Also in for new video.

ID: 94ddd6e4ab No.7211

anyone have the video?

ID: ccbe654972 No.7222

File: 1475834211289.jpg (211.65 KB, 640x1136, RXaN7ot.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: d358307a8d No.7235

more info? where's she from?

ID: 94665bf424 No.7241

She's cute in an elfin way

ID: cce923a1f3 No.7248


She's also psychotic in a DSM V way. Be very wary of mentally ill chicks. They often are just crazy enough to really work the system.

ID: afc0317179 No.7254

Yeah I know, she's commented before about her mental health/eating disorder issues. But most of the girls post this stuff have similar issues

ID: fbcb73699f No.7342

Anyone got any of her dog stuff looking for that.

ID: 8d7fa648b8 No.7344

Lol what?

ID: 84436c9100 No.7358

me too thanks

ID: 2e7763c889 No.7640


ID: 39ebaf95e8 No.7810

Bumpy bump !

ID: 09a1df2e3a No.8384

Bump for that new video

ID: ea2c5f1590 No.8759

Bump 4 more

ID: a723bc897b No.8955

Did she disappear again? I haven't seen her in a while.

ID: 48dab65ac6 No.8959

Eh girls get bored sometimes, she'll probably just take a break then come back when she craves that sweet attention / money

ID: b994bd99a5 No.9105

She just got engaged so she's quitting. Someone in this thread said that she has mental issues. What's that about?

ID: d358307a8d No.9110

engaged? you know her?

ID: 21f277de80 No.9111

She's said she's struggled with eating disorders and depression before. One of the reasons she posted to Gonewild was because of self esteem problems

ID: b994bd99a5 No.9122


It's a sticky post on her subreddit. Same as her username, unless she deleted both.

ID: 1f517dc9d1 No.9123

Yup, deleted account

ID: ccb5dff94e No.9125

Does anyone have her "Stroke It For Me: A Jerk Off Encouragement" video?

ID: 1f517dc9d1 No.9127

damn, her and rapunkkzel were my 2 favorites and they both deleted within weeks of each other :(

ID: 7dd1dbaa61 No.9136

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure fapping to her. Found out about her from on this thread and saw that she deleted her account. grats to the lucky dude who got a ring around her

ID: 19c0474bd7 No.9138

> You know for someone who would jump from relationship to relationship while posting and show off that she'd rawdog them immediately, she's sure confident about this one.

If she ever comes back, she'll be easy to spot, anyway.

ID: e92029fb1f No.9139

Does anyone have her dog videos? I keep hearing that she fucked dogs but I never got any confirmation.

ID: 626c9d24cf No.9140

File: 1484302237384-0.png (292.45 KB, 309x409, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

Don't know her personally, but good luck to her with this kid. They only knew each other 5 months before getting engaged

ID: 36b3368a92 No.9141


jesus, don't drag the dude into it.

ID: d358307a8d No.9142

where'd you find the pic with the guy

ID: dc37ce9593 No.9143

Hopefully he's an understanding guy and helps her with her issues. But I predict she'll be back posting in a few months

ID: 36da3beb58 No.9151

File: 1484335131776.jpg (260.46 KB, 960x1280, 3hncjf-001-NRoW8uY.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


That is /u/curlyadventures from 2013.

I stopped following cinnamon as her grin made me think she was crazyperson

ID: 626c9d24cf No.9390

some (600+) instagram photos, nothing special in there imgur.com/a/8Ye2a

ID: d358307a8d No.9392


ID: 626c9d24cf No.9724


ID: 626c9d24cf No.9725

Forgot to tag you, she tends to go by Beth though.

ID: 3112a4f0b1 No.9729

could you re-up the instagram album?

anyone got the "Stroke It For Me: A Jerk Off Encouragement" video?

ID: 626c9d24cf No.9731


Here you go, if you need a different host let me know. mega.nz/#!0kszhCJB!VyA62eEsGgITAJ1dKiEvzU6gVUOcFhvdVNNilBDA4uU

ID: 1bfbe853ce No.9736


Got deleted already. Can you re-up?

ID: 7dd1dbaa61 No.9738

how the hell did she manage to get this taken down that fast

ID: 2439c8b509 No.9754

she's getting married dontcha know, so shes probably desperate to clear her internet history

ID: 06bf63627b No.9764

send here

ID: 6eb32009d0 No.9831

She knows about this thread. Her and her fiance are currently trying to wipe everything they can find off the web.

ID: 9cfb66ef70 No.9832

lol, thats not how the internet works. gl to her though, when i get her stuff i'll be sure to spread to everyone who asks

ID: b306181086 No.9835


Can you toss me the other video?

ID: 2439c8b509 No.9839

its retarded when they think they can erase all of it

ID: 293aed116b No.9844

gl with that

after thats accomplished may as well go ahead and cure cancer and eliminate the wage gap

ID: 6eb32009d0 No.10175

At least by the look of her FB, she seems happy with this guy. Hope they have a happy life together. Shame she won't be posting anymore.

At least her ero is still up: eroshare(dot)com/u/cinnamonmermaids

ID: 209a9c74c3 No.10186

Whats her facebook

ID: 6eb32009d0 No.10199


Not posting for her privacy. But her first name is correct.

ID: 62b4c79c89 No.10206

then why mention she has a facebook if you're not gonna share it? look around, does "respecting women's privacy" seem to be one of the primary values of anon-ib? honestly this board sometimes is retarded

ID: 6396ee12ac No.10786

>Her and her fiance are currently trying to wipe everything they can find off the web.

Poor kid, about to learn a hard lesson in life. Spend all his time and energy trying to make this girl happy and she's going to bang the first badboy archetype that looks her way.

ID: e91d549ac7 No.11037


could someone re-up her "Stroke It For Me: A Jerk Off Encouragement" video?

ID: 672a53bb3f No.11219

ID: 1ee0a4bb79 No.11220

What exactly would sharing it accomplish? The guys on here would just send the pictures to her friends and family for some reason, and try to ruin her life because she posted nudes on the internet. It's guys like that who make very attractive girls hesitate when they're about to share their beautiful bodies online. We have lost so much fap potential because of these social media witch hunts

ID: e108369bcc No.13265

Anyone know how her divorce is going?

ID: cce923a1f3 No.13276

>>Anyone know how her divorce is going?

Asking the real questions.

At least one big vid in here


ID: 66e4ff5e2a No.13286

>>13276 reup please

ID: cce923a1f3 No.13288


leave your email

ID: 3f2967000a No.13293

send me it, too. ill help you share it. scarecrownear @ gmail

ID: 24a49cbca4 No.13297

Also requesting.

redthrow7 @ gmail

ID: 6aa7d064e2 No.13299

>>13286 calibumin gmail

ID: e39223cb81 No.13305


ID: 0437ffbb2e No.13313


Save em while you can

ID: 6aa7d064e2 No.13352

Megas down… Can anyone re-up?

ID: 9822897572 No.13367

reup please

ID: d548a4fb8d No.13382


ID: 5368f2900f No.13404

Missed the vids on ero. But I have 590 images if anyone got those. I'll upload if you do. Or email Redthrow7 @ gmail

ID: 6e699bcfd2 No.13447


vola: cbfcyjyw

who has the "Stroke It For Me" video?

ID: 6989b56d45 No.13645


ID: ccbe654972 No.15288

So did they get divorced yet?

ID: 7c0a622df4 No.15295

does anyone have her "Stroke It For Me: A Jerk Off Encouragement" video?

ID: 7c0a622df4 No.15308


can't download the video! upload it in the vola room cbfcyjyw.

ID: 1c53abe186 No.15310

I would pay someone before having to do those offers on that site.. I'm not putting in a SSN for a nude vid

ID: ccbe654972 No.15472

Still waiting for the ho to get doxxed

ID: 188c303410 No.15481

pretty sure she did on 4chan, on her previous account. she used to mention it sometimes in her cinnamonmermaids subreddit amas

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