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File: 1471464313116.jpeg (237.29 KB, 2000x3000, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 009475f4ca No.25869[Last 50 Posts]

any wins out there? her snap is kimmieee_doll I know she does takeovers and I may have a premium

ID: d8e2ff6959 No.25898


ID: 009475f4ca No.25911


ID: 097f6e94e5 No.25960


ID: e8b7a791d3 No.25997

would love to see more of her

ID: d8e2ff6959 No.26049


ID: 9cb57d5cb8 No.26189


ID: abbbbc3305 No.26253

she had a premium. I have tons of her premium content

ID: 009475f4ca No.26255

hell yeah bro! can you upload it??

ID: 5b3a488ce9 No.26274

do you have her friend val?

ID: 04a3a70657 No.26314

Upload that stuff man. Be the hero!

ID: d13d83e793 No.26497


ID: 009475f4ca No.26609


ID: 009475f4ca No.26787


ID: 9e3224a08d No.26815

Fucking amazing no more pics?

ID: f272e73af8 No.26877

bumping for wins please deliver fam

ID: 009475f4ca No.26985

has to be a hero someone out there bump

ID: f6de3fc9b1 No.27014

Her premium account on snapchat was "kateyes_"

ID: abbbbc3305 No.27022

File: 1472228216663.jpg (177.15 KB, 446x828, kimee doll.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i hve tons of vids, just dont know how to upload

ID: 94fbb832d8 No.27026

You could use mega or dropbox

ID: 5b3a488ce9 No.27035

eroshare is really easy too

ID: ffd51c9e43 No.27041


You can do it, we believe in you.

ID: 8fd5447d0f No.27046

Please upload vids

ID: f272e73af8 No.27062

megaupload is the best but dropbox is good as well
we countin on you fam

ID: ef840a2551 No.27064


megaupload is defunct circa 2011

ID: 009475f4ca No.27120

bump and hope for the guy to figure it out!

ID: f272e73af8 No.27155

yeah i meant mega dot co dot nz haha
bump for wins

ID: e20da7034d No.27183

Oh God PLEASE upload the vids. You will be a king

ID: 8fd5447d0f No.27297

Any more screenshots?

ID: abbbbc3305 No.27326

Whats up for trade? and don't get all pissy, I'm not going out of my way to upload for nothing

ID: d13d83e793 No.27547


ID: 5454c38f5b No.27577

Just post them. If not hmu on kik 4 trade "suppresssed"

ID: 00e5b7ffd9 No.27609

that feel when youve posted a bunch of wins over the years just cause and now people want something for it

ID: 00e5b7ffd9 No.27610

that feel when youve posted multiple wins over the years just cause and now someone wont return the favor smh im disappointed

ID: ef840a2551 No.27613

post what you have

ID: abbbbc3305 No.27616

she aint all that anyways lol

ID: abbbbc3305 No.27618


ID: abbbbc3305 No.27619

sendviddot com/d2fzxjee

ID: f82252653c No.27621


Thank you, post more please

ID: 46e85b06a9 No.27651


ID: ef840a2551 No.27655

would literally penetrate

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.27747


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.27871

bump for the love of God!!

ID: f272e73af8 No.27982

bump for wins come on man please

ID: 5df5b82cc2 No.28242


ID: 46e85b06a9 No.28255

On her snapchat, she recently mentioned that she's starting up a premium again

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.28308

anyone got her premium yet??

ID: 177d5cafb1 No.28611

bump for some wins!

ID: 12a7be9d34 No.28788


ID: 46e85b06a9 No.28866

Bump for wins! Someone has to have her premium

ID: 12a7be9d34 No.28948

goddamnit someone please deliver

ID: e68eaa05ab No.29209


ID: f4fd74cd86 No.29419


ID: 8fd5447d0f No.29688

To the guy who said he had premium content: what till it take for you to dump the wins

ID: 6a3fef4d30 No.29766


ID: 5454c38f5b No.29925

B u m p

ID: 8fd5447d0f No.30075

bump (;

ID: 009475f4ca No.30316


ID: 00e5b7ffd9 No.30475

can a nigga please deliver on this shit

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.30512

File: 1474956210242-0.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, image.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1474956210242-1.png (963.53 KB, 750x1334, image.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1474956210242-2.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png) ImgOps Google

nothin crazy though but hopefully this starts something

ID: 2dd56e686b No.30514

Sexyt1326 only females & couples she said. ?

ID: 8fd5447d0f No.30932

wont give up on this

ID: fe3a5e7e29 No.31002

Share the vids please

ID: b8f4b05970 No.31225

there are some wins of her and val upped in another thread, a premium they did for baesnaps i think.. if that's something you guys want ill have a look around for it

ID: 8fd5447d0f No.31264

Already have those, looking for newer wins

ID: fe3a5e7e29 No.31275


Please share the link of the other thread or the link of the wins.

Thanks in advance

ID: c056d82b85 No.31284

I would love to see valeria and kimmee. Ive been waiting for a link in this thread for toooo long. I love this chick.

ID: f272e73af8 No.31319

please deliver friend

ID: f272e73af8 No.31360

aw shit finally some hope

come through bro

ID: f4fd74cd86 No.31575


ID: f272e73af8 No.31845

cmon man please deliver

ID: 0166a0aebb No.31939


ID: abbbbc3305 No.31978


ID: 7e76d9bc07 No.32012

Type kimmieee_doll allure snaps in Google. You can buy a video her playing with a toy and it comes with her sextape. alluresnaps.com/newsite/model/kimmiee/ Scroll down to see the link kimmiee playing with a toy. It's $19. You get her sextaoe as well. I had it but deleted it smh. Someone buy it then post it

ID: 687af519ca No.32486


ID: 00e5b7ffd9 No.32902

cmon bump

ID: 8d5b474147 No.33369


ID: 179a4aa6a0 No.33557


ID: af14efcce6 No.33919


ID: f4fd74cd86 No.34093

this thread is deressing

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.34620

keep the thread alive someone please!

ID: 291b266e36 No.34915

this thread is trash someone please save it!

ID: 15de54bc59 No.35177


ID: 73bc5ae5c1 No.35309

Bump for videos!

ID: 73bc5ae5c1 No.35325

Will upload a Takeover rn

ID: 73bc5ae5c1 No.35326

Hera y'all go

anon-v com/videos /99319/kdoll-takeover/

ID: 73bc5ae5c1 No.35327

Whoops bad link.

anon-v com/videos/99319/kdoll-takeover/

ID: 6346833b74 No.35351

Fucking fail.. lmao

ID: 73bc5ae5c1 No.35365

Unfortunately so.

ID: f35cc3d79e No.35701

bump for something please!

ID: c602b161ae No.35896


ID: 58cfc40f56 No.36074


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.36297

lost all hope in this thread but bump

ID: 895c4a320b No.36452

She's doing a Takeover rn on mass.beauties and shes with another girl. Says she's doing a special show on her premium tonight. Wonder if it's girl on girl.

Says you can buy it on savagesnaps.com

Too broke :/

ID: 9b3a74ddef No.36653

bump please!

ID: a3a0b897a6 No.36918


ID: f272e73af8 No.37437

100 replies and still nothing come on guys if you have it please deliver for the rest of us

ID: 7d4f38fcf7 No.37806

From her premium

ID: 0efe7d45b8 No.38095


ID: 2a1bdba639 No.38585

Finally got some wins guys give me a minute here

ID: 47e383b56a No.38696

hope you actually come through

ID: f6b2acb5c9 No.38702

If he comes through. Wow

ID: 691e642e00 No.38707

i got plenty of wins, just dont know how to upload

ID: 47e383b56a No.38708

put them into a Dropbox

ID: f272e73af8 No.38782

dropbox and mega are the places to upload wins someone please deliver

ID: 89964ae2cd No.38961

come through mane

ID: b4a8928b1c No.39040

Won't lose hope :(

ID: dc2520bc50 No.39096

Post the Dropbox

ID: 0166a0aebb No.39147

Where da wins at fammmmmm

ID: 98434a1c41 No.39220


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.39285


ID: 659d4813dd No.39349


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.39363

come through please someone

ID: 3cb201532a No.39681


ID: 0446e12b71 No.40234

so no wins??

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.40508

come through

ID: d87f818b19 No.40695

www.dropbo(dot) com/s/pfhihbs1s6tftfv/2016_12_20_17_35_28.mp4?dl=0

ID: 1e639d16fa No.40703


Thank you Frank, post more if you have.

ID: d87f818b19 No.40731

www.dropbox(dot) com/s/zylv06cr0day1jf/2016_12_20_21_06_40_21_10_37.mp4?dl=0

ID: 63866efb17 No.40742

Damn bruh frank holding down! Thank you sir

ID: 04a3a70657 No.40751

Our patience really paid off. Bless you, man!

ID: 659d4813dd No.40761

Wow. This was the main reason I came to this board. You are a true hero.

ID: 8e0175446a No.40823

Link not working

ID: 659d4813dd No.40831

Any chance on the girl on girl video?

ID: 1e639d16fa No.40839


The links are working

ID: 8e0175446a No.40858

Do you just copy and paste it cuz it won't work for me

ID: 14d304a6cb No.40864

Well, you have to edit the URL to be a regular Dropbox URL. Not sure how much to help you. It's pretty simple

ID: f272e73af8 No.40895

frank delivered like g mad props

ID: 14d304a6cb No.41054

Any more?

ID: 8e598305a9 No.41318

Frank, keep posting more vids/pics please

ID: 0446e12b71 No.41689

bump lets get more wins

ID: 0446e12b71 No.42007


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.42464

bump please

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.42751

she did a takeover again

ID: 0446e12b71 No.43268


ID: 0f0accb321 No.43345


ID: 9851febe73 No.43388


Frank sir thank you keep it coming please.

ID: 55b96babfc No.43397


Thank you Frank for share, keep sharing all those vids

ID: f272e73af8 No.43665

you a real one frank thank you

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.43872

thank you sir

ID: 24ad09246a No.44057

thats awesome frank

ID: 14d304a6cb No.44367

Where's Frank the tank with those wins?

ID: 24ad09246a No.44401

we need more videos!

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.44805

frank the tank is the man

ID: 0446e12b71 No.45187


ID: 0446e12b71 No.45543


ID: f62ca86d8a No.45674


ID: 93858131cf No.45816


ID: 0f0accb321 No.45916

She has supposly been sick so hasnt posted till yesterday she said she was requesting ideas of what her next show should be so ill post soon guys

ID: 0acfbcbceb No.46214

Take your time frank

ID: 5454c38f5b No.46485

making sure it doesnt die

ID: 0446e12b71 No.46690


ID: 93858131cf No.46990

just saw on her public snapchat that she did a premium. anyone with the win?

ID: 14d304a6cb No.47241

I trust frank to pull through

ID: 5454c38f5b No.47516


ID: 1e3b11d79a No.47755


ID: 51d5115096 No.47917


ID: 0166a0aebb No.48074

In frank we trust

ID: 11be0ed330 No.48161


ID: 7a7ace3e8e No.48168


Thank you for share Frank

ID: 9c2cd8e9d1 No.48305

Frank coming thru!!

ID: 93858131cf No.48397

awesome frank!

ID: 1e3b11d79a No.48753


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