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ID: 46e0db5c74 No.18751[View All]

Anything on this huge assed booty brown girl?

Private snapchatter who purchase her shit actually get her 'chaturbate' name, this is soemthing that would be awesome to know as they'll probably already be recordings of her

She also has a friend 'uglystepchild' who frequently performs with her.
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ID: fbfe56702f No.24885

Any1 have her Google wallet email?

ID: e3b337dec7 No.24937

Even if people posted her snap anyway she's not going to add you because she'll know you've not paid, stop being a dumbfag. Also, from what I'm hearing she charturbated probably less than 5 times or so, doesn't enjoy it much, but if you wanted it we'd have to wait until one of the very first waves of anons who bought her snap when she first started. Apparently she no longer uses it, but the username would be great to know to see if her stuff got recorded.

bumping for more pics and vids. Also to do the dude who dumped further up. Fucking goldclap.gif, legend, I missed her threesome lesbian show so thank you very kindly for that. Hoping someone has more to post. It's a definitely shame the fuck videos are lowgrade snapchat trash. Do real videos of this girl exist?

ID: 09806ca49a No.25184


ID: fbfe56702f No.25288

Bump for more fuck vids

ID: f7560c1020 No.25838


ID: 57961938d1 No.25885

has this girl blocked me on snap or has she just not updated…anything for a while now?


ID: 5709686a0c No.25887

The boyfriend who was fucking in the snaps her dumped her supposed or some shit.

Real shame. Girl is hot and cute in perfect amounts.

ID: f3ba42fbdf No.26008

she's pregnant

ID: 868cf3518c No.26044

calling immense bullshit on that

she posted a lot after they broke up though. Seems like she's completely dropped her tumblr and premium snapchat.

ID: f7560c1020 No.26093

that must have gotten back together because she is pregnant by that same guy

ID: e3b337dec7 No.26096

she isn't pregnant

she had other issues though

ID: d5cb045ec5 No.26109

Any past vids anyone can share?

ID: f7560c1020 No.26119

she literally aid she's pregnant.

ID: 868cf3518c No.26128

she isn't pregnant

ID: 91540d2d83 No.26136

check her instagram dumbass. There's literally a pic of boyfriend rubbing her stomach and her saying how happy she is to be having a baby soon

ID: 4848590816 No.26138

all I'm reading is tales from a anon's internet ass.

post proof or GTFO

ID: 9deda77a62 No.26479

Anyone find what is her Instagram? twitter? snap?facebook?

ID: 868cf3518c No.26586

she's posted screens from her snap on her blog before. you can find it easily that way. Though it is private and she'll probably deny you.

Any thing else on this chick btw? If it's true shes pregnant then that's a sure fire loss right there. Maybe preg videos on her premium?

ID: 9deda77a62 No.26591

i cant find her snap! please find her snap! thank u :(

ID: 7e8c8f22cc No.27084

bump bump

ID: 7e8c8f22cc No.27665

bumpity bump

ID: 7e8c8f22cc No.27806

any other videos on her?

ID: 9deda77a62 No.27959

What her personal snap? Thank u

ID: 86d66b891a No.28075

she's back

ID: f7560c1020 No.28406

She deleted her tumblr. :/

ID: 1dc07b8c61 No.28508

Does anyone know if she maybe changed to a new url?

ID: 7e8c8f22cc No.29249


ID: 42b3731478 No.30046


ID: f0de65253a No.30676

She is pregnant and someone exposed her. I found this out on her twitter.

ID: be9f81c25f No.30996


ID: cba001cb60 No.31010

man is it selfish to be really bummed out that she got pregnant and now we won't see more of her on tumblr or her snapchat? Girl had one of my favourite asses on tumblr. I'm hoping she comes back after her baby to make some quick cash by sexworking again.

juidging by this thread it looks like the last thing to find would be her chaturbate caps, but she only gave her s/n out to premium snap members. How the hell hasn't it been posted yet…

ID: dfc87a80bf No.31275

I'm with you anon, her butt is just heavenly. She's definitely gonna need all the money she can get, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her return.
I just wished she would turn off her anon asks, she would get so much hate for no reason.

ID: 17a648862f No.31393

Her chaterbate used to be veruboy21

ID: be9f81c25f No.31476

I've searched that chaturbate username…there are videos out there, but after a through search I cannot find them for free. Most websites charge you to download/stream. Anyone have better luck?

ID: 953b012226 No.31521

thank you very much for this. Videos do pop up on the usual cam collection websites where everything is archived like 'camgirlvideos' etc. Unfortunately we'll need a saviour anon who has an Upstore account to download them for us and hook them up into a mega folder if possible. There seems to be like 4-5 videos with only 3 that are available which is a shame. If someone can manage to get all of them though that'd be awesome.

ID: ffbc7059ee No.31573


Has this not been found? Sorry if it has

ID: ffbc7059ee No.31574

^^ Didn't know the had a 60 second limit never mind, someone be our hero

ID: ffbc7059ee No.31581

All 5 chaturbate videos, if you don't know how to use the link bye. Only one has sound, dont know why. Fap away bros!

ID: be9f81c25f No.31597

thank you Edd. Videos without sound are always a bummer, but anything suffices

ID: be9f81c25f No.31599

Sure she's hot as fuck, but she's not getting fucked in the one with sound. A terrible tragedy

ID: f77b73112d No.31618

still currrently trying to figure out how to use the link lol

ID: 7e8c8f22cc No.31661

mega.nz bro

ID: c34453af80 No.32210

what's her tumblr now?

ID: cd000a670d No.32728

Wow good shit guys. Thought this thread was dead.

ID: cd000a670d No.32730

File: 1485993556051-0.gif (1.99 MB, 540x385, tumblr_oc6arlYzG11u3yq93o3….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1485993556051-1.gif (1.94 MB, 540x385, tumblr_oc6arlYzG11u3yq93o2….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1485993556051-2.gif (1.95 MB, 540x359, tumblr_o9jnxonRSx1u3yq93o3….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1485993556051-3.gif (1.99 MB, 540x359, tumblr_o9jnxonRSx1u3yq93o4….gif) ImgOps Google

ID: cd000a670d No.32732

Just showing some appreciation.

ID: 8a4dfd0b15 No.32794


ID: 9df0f9e9d4 No.33037

Anybody got any pics/vids of her asshole?

ID: e9e57bed70 No.33175

all day

ID: 42b3731478 No.33964


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