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Hey everyone I came across this Spa IP Cam video and ive been told that it's a big series and that lot's is out there. I don't mind posting the video from the pics, just wanted to see if more vids are out there!


I've got three.


care to share?




Vids in the mega don't work :(


Vids in mega only work on VLC player. Would love to know where this place is, men and women share same changing room


Netherlands. There's vids of the Dutch national handball team in that set.


I have this set, but is there more?


there is always more


which one are them? in beauty room?


Here are the first two of my collection.

ul for longer lasting…

ul .to/x3sj2m2i
ul .to/0xnhqepo


>not posting on MEGA
>giving a shitty excuse as to why he's not posting on MEGA
>he thinks people are retarded
Fucking lol. Nobody wants your shitty ul links, especially for such an old collection.



and still there are already 10 downloads for the first one since i posted it. you sexy boy!



i got 9. post 9 or more on mega or shut your mouth :)



ul .to/jrpnu1k9

that's all from me for today. if this hardass 26399 won't post his cool collection on mega overnight i will continue tomorrow


You got so ass blasted by my post (which you know is 100% accurate) that you went on to triple post. Reevaluate your life urgently.



well he contributed to the thread and i havent got the series yet. Now i dont need to search for it. You're just insulting and talking shit. Too bad your parents seem to have failed in raising you. Anon with the 3 vids or somebody else please post the rest. Tia!


Nice job, you learned how to change your ID. Too bad you're not smart enough to change the way you type. Keep on embarrassing yourself though, it's been thoroughly entertaining.


legit 3rd party here. go fuck yourself you inbred primate.


Isn't this the same stuff?


Of course it is, the second guy is just trying to get you to click his shitty uploaded links (where he reuploaded the stuff that was already posted to MEGA)

That's why he got called out and embarrassed so badly that he just disappeared.


u find on insecam or shodan? or somewhere else? would really like to watch this stream. thanks for any help.



you stupid little attention whore :) 26428 already said the rest… :)


most of it (if not everything) seems to be in that mega folder too. i got this 9 compilations a while ago and thought i'd share them here. maybe there is more in the compilations. to be honest I don't know.

Here is a folder with all 9 vids i have: ul .to/f/qsqmx1


dont waste your time with this guy, everything in this folder is just a reupload from the mega folder posted earlier


Which vids contain the handball team? I only see sets of 2 girls


they havent been posted here this time, probably best to not attract to much attention towards it ;)



Is there anyway to get them? If they have been posted here, will they be posted again in the future?? Fingers crossed :p


I have added them to the mega, posted early in the thread, they wont stay there for long.


just missed it, any chance to reup it for 5 mins?


missed it too, please reupload it, mvp!


Holy shit! Am I downloading the fucking Lord of the Rings trilogy? Fuck this shit. Just upload the videos on XHamster or something





guess whats still online…

ul .to/f/qsqmx1


Any hints on where to find the rest of the vids?


It seems there is a dutch handball stare in the vids. Who knows the name?



thx op!


This is just a copy of the #F!Kl1kxSoR!gODMoAaSH4JX-jwMNl7IxQ I posted early in the thread which is still active …


all we want is the dutch handball team… which vid is it?


Its not in the Mega longer, it will be obvious when you see it, lets just say that.


when can we seeee it




mega link not working?



ul .to/f/qsqmx1

still works for me


Handball girls are my fave.. would someone plz share


File: 1516195365302.png (327.46 KB, 1206x1524, german sauna.png) ImgOps Google

If someone posts the missing handball girls vids, i will upload all 68 German Sauna vids on Mega.


just upload 'em first and hope for the best. Rewarding the dude up front tends to work better.



I have handball girls somewhere. nothing special. all I want is Emma full 68. give me that I'll post handball within an hour.



i guess there shuld be somewhat of a proof to your promise


Lol ill post Emma 69 you post handball then we get sauna vids, is that correct?


File: 1516213410261-0.png (365.69 KB, 1001x652, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1516213410261-1.png (348.46 KB, 1001x652, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png) ImgOps Google


fair enough. full sauna set. already got handball girls zipped ready to go.


File: 1516213833525.png (134.09 KB, 475x474, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png) ImgOps Google


uploaded. tick tock 24hrs starts now :)


File: 1516214111090-0.png (1.21 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1516214111090-1.png (1.18 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png) ImgOps Google


proof vids are legit. might jerk one out now.


netball link?


Uploading right now


More wil appear. at 17%



Superb! Hats off to you all!

uploaded link of the handball girls is to be disclosed right?



for Emma full. I have German sauna


You (27589) seem to be the only one with Emma full?


Anyone the link of handbal??


Hey idiots.
Handball has been posted already.




What is the login and pass for this mega? Otherwise, I cannot access this folder

Mega in this format I can access; mega.nz/#F!Kl1kxSoR!gODMoAaSH4JX-jwMNl7IxQ



who is the idiot here? posting a wrong mega link…>>27621


Yeah, the handball team is still missing



Seems nobody has Emma full. Care to share the handbal girls anyway?


File: 1516289959708.png (209.9 KB, 459x383, mega.nz:fm:z9cDXTyL.png) ImgOps Google


Screenshot from the "wrong" link.



We all (I do at least) believe you have the files, but noone except you can access them. So would you mind sharing a link of these files so we can enjoy them too?

A link in this format is accessible for others than the owner of the mega (this is an example): mega.nz/#F!Vwkk1IgA!gZXncgOZ7T4UxutRPwDs6A


Thanks anon


can someone upload the handball team on anon-v or something? the videos come out as corrupted when I unpack the rar


Thanks a lot! Could someone identify them? I couldn't find the one with the back tattoo. The short haired one is the old Goalie with #1?

not for me. just download them again or use 7zip



you have to play them in vlc media player…


can anyone ID specific girls from the handball team?


They are available in this link again. Wont be there forever.




Sadly seems I've missed the handball team again… Could anyone please repost? Thank-you!


please repost handball vid bros :(( anyone heeelp



still hoping for Emma. here they are for 24hrs. paying it forward.




Not working for me, sadly. Seems like dropfile is having issues.



I suspect the problem is on your end. works fine for me.



thanks *_* what is emma? u have preview or screen or sth? and more info? i could help searching for it


Thanks anon


Why do people keep deleting their links so quickly sheeeesh!


Could some kind anon post these for more than just a few hours? They are expired everytime I have a chance to come back and check, thanks.


please repost handball vid





ul .to/vmqbig3n




Saving thread







Any more


bump for more




File: 1520438978482.jpeg (306.26 KB, 750x1276, 985269C9-2BDF-47AA-BA2D-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google

The dutch handball federation found out about the video.


In Engrish?


The Dutch Handball Association (NHV) reports on leaked images showing Orange handballs naked in a sauna. Two videos in which seven (former) internationals were dressed in a dressing room were on a porn website for some time.

The union was informed of the leaked images this morning through an anonymous tip. This immediately contact was made with the involved handbalsters and the police. "We deeply regret that this happened," says a spokesman for the NHV. The association posted a short statement on the NHV website.

According to RTL News, the images were viewed more than 10,000 times and the videos were "a few hours long" on a popular porn website. It is not clear how old the images are and who posted them online.

Warning supervisor
In 2016, several saunas adapted their camera policies, following a letter from the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In the letter, the regulator wrote more and more often to receive signals about saunas that cameras place in rooms where visitors are undressed, such as changing rooms and saunas.

This is in conflict with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). "Filming people who have been undressed is a major violation of the privacy of those involved." According to the regulator, the purpose for which the cameras are used - for example the prevention of unwelcome intimacies - can also be achieved in other ways.


Thanks! Love it, now the bitches know the world has seen their T & A.


Seems they know what we've been up to with their vids as well.


can you please post the link the the videos of the handballs team?


goodguy, could you post sauna videos? Thank you


very good pictures


Spa clips: ul. to/f/4xu0s0
Handball team: ul. to/f/ukz2me

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