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File: 1509994484234-1.jpeg (74.09 KB, 565x479, 1B05A7A0-6E11-40EF-B357-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1509994484234-2.jpeg (74.22 KB, 585x480, 21900B11-0112-435E-BCEE-7….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1509994484234-3.jpeg (74.44 KB, 640x460, 1047810E-252A-497A-AD8D-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google

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Few weeks ago there was a REALLLY productive sharing thead of these 2 hotties. Hopefully anon will restart that magic lol?



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Except for the twins, was it a prerequisite to be diabetic and obese to get a modeling gig with this guy?



you obviously haven't seen Alazai, Babs, Liz…. (the list goes on)


new content anyone? Whats going on in the AMF and onlyhot forum posts for modelingdvds?




Attn all hoarders, fans, everyone. Can we work together to get a list of all DVDs with release date and model? That way if there are exclusives we have some means of identifying them? That would be real helpful. Even hoarders can participate without relquishing their hoard. I know I have 2 DVDs that we're never released and I will participate too.


Without getting angry, can someone please explain why these weird and seemingly pointless discord things are better than a nice download link? I swear I’ve waded into at least a dozen and literally never seen a single file shared lol.



They're just big chat rooms. Sometimes they have content, but most of the ones you can easily get into do not. The one this faggot is listing is just a scam to gain twitch followers.


Can’t you just post what you have? These threads only work when people share and that causes others to share. Esp since there don’t seem to be that many scenes remaining.


Exclusives and custom discussion and trading -



File: 1521411818969.jpeg (20.95 KB, 174x174, FEF14EFE-5D0D-48F7-9F68-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google







You know what to do
Vola org/r/hbhxytjg


Just FYI don't waste your time with the Vola unless it's Unicron calling for the meeting. There is nothing being shared nor will there be. Please don't start share rooms when you HAVE NOTHING TO FUCKING SHARE.


Some good stuff in that vola room now. Get in there and contribute guys


It's dead.




so far good stuff but wish for some Ftm stuff. hopefully new



Ignore this trash faggot trying to gain followers


New link?


to late already dead


File: 1522353879595.jpeg (82.16 KB, 701x527, 0C5C9424-6CE0-4E76-8B39-D….jpeg) ImgOps Google




Was this one ever found?

Also can anyone reup the mega from >>52031



Yeah. Unicron has it and is hording it to himself.


dont speak ill about Unicron he has given much and the day he feels generous will be a great one for everyone


2014 H and E painting video >>49811
H this the one in pink getting her shirt cut in group >>49855


49811 and 49855 are from the same vid. He offered it a long time ago for 200$. I think,not many people bought it. He told me about one year ago, he never sold it. But according to the screencaps, someone has got it.


damn 200 for it. most likely offer it to those big fans that were buying from day one


I'd easily drop 200 for it right now



Same here


You must have a lot more money than good sense.
You are not even guaranteed bare tits from those screencaps. You can download the Heather flash or the mesh/sheer videos she did everywhere for free.
I mean, I guess I could see it if he at least offered a video with serious lez play, but not if it's the usual shit…



and you are either not a true fan of FTM, have never paid for a custom vid, or have no clue how much these DVDs cost to begin with. Considering how much Dave charged for a normal DVD, $200 is inexpensive for full topless. And if you had paid more attention to the rooms that have popped up, you would know that there IS a guarantee of full topless (and probably more of a guarantee that Dave originally gave to his buyers.)


File: 1522618719855.jpg (1.09 MB, 1856x1287, 20180401_233219 - Kopie.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

In the paint vid there is no full topless, the nipples are painted in the beginning…like in all paint videos he released.


Buying overpriced shit once doesn't make other shit less overpriced.
200 for a couple of totally ordinary teens that do not even show action is absurd.





still like to see it


post it Kamerad


File: 1522656945648.png (53.97 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-2018-03-16-00h34m2….png) ImgOps Google


you sir, are uninformed. you obviously have not seen the extended version that this screen is referring to. There is a shower cleanup AFTER the paint scene



Uhh, I think you're the one uninformed. The guy that posted the above pic took a picture of the video off his monitor with his phone, meaning he has the actual video/s. Meaning he knows what went on in these videos. you, on the other hand, just have that video Unicron posted in the vola a couple weeks ago which you got your screenshot from.



The picture he posted is from the scenes advertised in the screencap you posted. This was years before Rachel & Heather did that shower video. There is only one shower clean-up video after a paint session and it's from the video you just posted a pic of.


I posted the pic of Heather and ELIZABETH, to proof that theyarepainted right from the start. It was filmed in Dec 2013.There is no after-paint-shower-vid with these two girls. But… there is a shower vid with Heather and RACHEL, I have never seen it, I have never seen an offer, but it exists, we have seen the caps.Would love to seeit, too.



Wait, you have the EHA paint video but not the H&R shower video? Also, why did you take a picture of your monitor?


Damn I wonder how much low down shit Dave made. Up until recently I thought Heathers slingshot video was her first time showing bare breast.



I don't think he ever did anything as salacious as those crazy fucks in Europe. He probably tested the limits of "artistic nudity" laws in the States, though. Then again, their crack-addict mothers always signed off on everything so he would have been a free man still if he didn't get into downloading CP.


>>59523 Yes.I have the E&A paint vid. No, I will not post it, cause I promised it, when I bought it. Itook a picture of my tv, cause it´s a bluray and my pc does not play blurays.


Correction: It´s not a H&A vid, it´s H&E. To make the confusion complete, I can tell you, there is also a paint vid with A&E.I can not post them, because I don´t have the technical possibility to convert my bluray into a postable file format. But don´t start to give me technical tipps now. I don´t want to post them. Sorry.


question: Why are you clowns so obsessed with these small titted girls? They're 3/10's at best, have tiny tits, and theres so many bustier girls in this section. What gives?


lets continue the discussion here. Would like to talk to "other" encore and exclusive owners

replace # with v




Are you open to trading in private for something in exchange for any of your videos?


RIP vo1a. Any megas I missed?

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