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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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File: 1515542862487.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, Snapshot_1349.png) ImgOps Google


she posted on her snap that she will make a free 10 min sexy video for everyone. if we vote for her in some thing on Manyvids.


Ewww look at her hairy ass arms dude gross



Look at the silly american cultural values


That isn't American values. With that face and that tit in the picture, a true American wouldn't be aware there was an arm (hairy or hairless) even in the picture.

That post was whiny virgin homotrollfag values, plain & simple.


due some people love hair. who cares. at least she doesnt have a hairy mustache


So what, was she a surrogate mother for brittyloveslogan's mom 14 years ago, and the daughter is going to remake them?
Because I sure as hell know ain't no sexy videos going to come from any dirty Mexicans



pathetic loser troll


Was that even trolling? Did you understand that? What the hell is the first question? 14 years ago how would she have been "a surrogate mother for brittyloveslogan's mom"? I'm pretty sure she wasn't ovulating yet 14 years ago. Secondly, what is a "brittyloveslogan"? And from the wording of the question, they are asking; if brittyloveslogan is going to remake them (because if irl is the surrogate mom of brittyloveslogan's mom, that obviously makes brittyloveslogan the daughter in question). So "remake them". Them? Them, what?

And, I too at first thought the last sentence was just an ignorant troll lashing out due to his micro-penis. But, if you read it again (like I had to, due the horrible childlike gibberish this post was comprised of); they actually write "ain't no sexy videos going to come from any dirty Mexicans". A double negative, "ain't no". Meaning there are in fact sexy videos coming… So, I assume the "dirty" part was just like when you spank a stripper's ass and say "Yeah, earn that money you dirty girl!"
So, my conclusion is they aren't a troll, just obviously illiterate.


All of FukkenSaved posts are like that. He drops strange references to shit that's unrelated to the thread and then name drops his "War Room" app. But this post was especially bad. I had to read it multiple times and I still can't figure it out.


bump bump


File: 1516535058298.jpg (96.98 KB, 831x1080, 48VQCTJ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1516535151932.jpg (142.63 KB, 500x618, spics_image08.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1516544261919.jpg (10.24 KB, 225x225, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Get back to circle jerking at your antifa rally commie niglet




File: 1516766217652.jpg (60.9 KB, 600x1147, 0cc4dc890bd3b28249c6416dd8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


can someone share the mega link


File: 1518127854387.png (415.12 KB, 640x360, Snapshot_1466.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1518218709720.png (429.79 KB, 640x360, Snapshot_1468.png) ImgOps Google

1$ free pic is snagged.


She is hot s


i think she has lost a little weight or something.. Something is definitely feeling different in the good way.Maybe its those tits being extra filled with milk now.


File: 1518497266555.png (328.84 KB, 640x360, Snapshot_1507.png) ImgOps Google

she uploaded a new twitter pic best I got.


File: 1518914518397.png (372.55 KB, 720x405, Snapshot_1516.png) ImgOps Google

screenshot from her manyvids sweetmilktis newest video also from her patreon/IRLMommy 1$ post


I have never been a fan but I know some of you are.



Thank You!


Nice catch. Thanks for pointing it out.


Video was removed =(

Someone have saved it and can upload it?


for you


Friend, thank youuuu very much for the link!!!
Hero! =)


yeah that video blew up on xham had like 60k views in one day no wonder it was taken down. I saw it on spankbang in december it also blew up. guess we need to use sites that dont get much attention to keep vids up longer.


she probably reported herself it as she wasn't making money off all the people that were viewing/downloading it.


Could someone repost that link from a while back that had all her wins? I pray to the Anon Gods.


thanks hero for uploading


I’d love to fuck this Mexican bitch with my big dick. That dude has a small cock


doubt that it mattered if it was up free. My fav pornstar xev her vids always pop up free daily on sites. Yet she's still a top selling star. Its like free advertising.


Who can help me out? I'm not sure but this girl looks like !rl.

what do you think is this a new account from !rl or is this just a totally different person?



Yes those are just snippets from IRL yt vids, put onto an account trying to get money on patreon. If you go to the patreon it only offers previously produced content (mainly her YT and social media content, which a few hints of a minimal amount of her premium content). I think the top patreons might get whatever few videos the person behind this account bought from IRL (if enough people join this patreon, they'll probably buy more/all of her content to post as well).

I could be wrong. But I assume this account might not stick around.


no its a real account
i paid the $10 and quickly dropped.but she's posting live breastfeeding videos on there…its like snapchat built in or something.she had like 6 short 15 second vids posted to it today. maybe she will d more erotic things if asked.


Oh. Good to know. I wonder why it looks so fake? I guess she's just busy and hasn't gotten around to giving that account a pic/avatar and putting further detail into the vid descriptions and such. Yeah we'll have to see what comes from this.


YEAH just emailed her if it is legit hers. She said that patreon asked her to seperate her breastfeeding videos from her irlmommy patreon page. Also that it will just be breastfeeding stuff with lactation tutorials related to breastfeeding. She said she wants to focus on live breastfeeding snaps there. They build in something that lets her post 15 second vids live and we can watch them for 24hrs as many times daily. I take it she will share all her old breastfeeding vids and new ones here too. ??? Ill email her more.


File: 1520323313119.png (445.52 KB, 640x360, Snapshot_1618.png) ImgOps Google

i paid extra for er sneak pek goddamn it Im soo weak for this bitch.
what do you think is worth buying from her. Ill buy… i need to stop spending on her sneak peeks… id rather pay full for her most sexy…. What should i ask from her ???? Im thinking fingering what about you . lets get a group decision and ill buy. limit $600 on me.


Fingering and nipple self sucking!


fingering, self sucking with lots of licking in them nipples please <3


bump and rump


She's not hard to find these days, hope I did this right… www.pornhub(dot)com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59e8b1e4c6fa2&pkey=10626341


Im shook emailed her for some private vids.. she said she sticks to tease and doesnt show fingering. :( :( end me.. from the previews ive seen none have her vag except in a like 2-4 and you got to buy subscription. im dying. want to see this twat spread open taking it deep.



This isn't my mega, it is just the only previously shared mega on her that is currently still active. I'm just linking it in case someone is new here, or new to her. (By now, many of you have seen me do this many times.)



but any new stuff


Bought an extreme taboo custom. $150 for 5 mins. Bate with dirty talk like super dirty talk. I want to share it but she watermarked the video with my email and email name and my alias paypal email. :( :( dont want to get spotted by her if i share because i will end up buying more in the feature . Sorry
Augh 😑


>>108731 dude just share it on v0l@ it'll be gone within 2 days.. Be the hero he all need.🙏


get a video free video editor and crop the what you dont want out or apply a black box/shape around it.
export it as whatever file type you want to share like mp4 if youre really up for it.


I can easily either blur out or crop out that stuff for you, lemme know boss


I can blurr it and all the thing isnt that its the fact that it was a video made for me only. if it leaks ill lose my chance to et more. Maybe ill wait after i buy a few more


>>108766 well my good sir, then I guess we'll be hopefully awaiting your contribution(s).. Thanks in advance.




She went on a date with a girl :o girl girl videos coimg soon.

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