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File: 1483438451239.jpg (68.85 KB, 1080x1080, 13827470_341746242876716_4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 55b7c912ac No.54237[Last 50 Posts]


someone setup the thing where it auto downloads all the youtube videos she posts

ID: 29d4518933 No.54244

did she have older videos that were good? first time seeing her

ID: 28654d48a5 No.54248

Plenty of them, that ass is amazing.

ID: 4e4636d5be No.54257

anyone have em?

ID: f1862176b8 No.54261

hey does anyone have the thong Instagram video she posted. it was on the last thread and I down loaded it but now I cant find it. thank you anons

ID: 29d4518933 No.54264

can we get a photo/vid collection of here I this thread? I'm new to her and 100% keen for her older content. Gonna try and message her and see if she's into privates at all

ID: bb65b2d1ad No.54283

shes posting currently

ID: dee0e6a2e5 No.54289

Good luck man, I tried in the past, wasn't pushy, as polite as could be (didn't even mention anything win-worthy)… Never heard back.

ID: 6481f8ad32 No.54310

bump. but none of that mediafire bs

ID: 8eaf1119e4 No.54312

already at it pal :) we have to be discreet , but yeah, we will get it all. please do not post her name here, gotta keep her away from this site

ID: b3de06214d No.54318

File: 1483507526750.jpg (151.34 KB, 1621x528, pigen.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what i have

ID: e7571db9dc No.54319

upload the thongs and the upskirts plz

ID: 7692ae4f27 No.54329



ID: b037ca80f3 No.54341

that's a good compilation of her

ID: 28654d48a5 No.54345

Her ass is fucking amazing

ID: dab9000c17 No.54391

anyone have the braless vid?

ID: dc8497ac07 No.54409



ID: 240d5ff9c8 No.54419

Good googly moogly!

ID: ef9f3edb87 No.54423

I second these.

ps. with an ass this good she needs to do porn! :D

ID: 0ff2e538ff No.54426

And then she posted this one. Note 0:45. watch?v=0DdwxOJvEwo

ID: 1a70b8a308 No.54469

She is uploading now but it sets content blocked.

ID: 7c07d51b0e No.54470

Yoo someone please tell me they got that video she just posted that got blocked!

ID: df6d386547 No.54471

yo… i have the video on yt on my phone and when i tried to watch it on my laptop, it was no longer available.

i dont wanna close the vid on my phone lol. any suggestions on what i can do here?

ID: df6d386547 No.54472

FUCK… nvm. the vid won't play now. it's just a black screen.

short 1:22 vid. was decent. ending was nice. spread her legs as she was turning the cam off..

sorry ppl. someone else has to help. i don't know how to bypass the copyright thing.

ID: 7c07d51b0e No.54473

At least someone got to enjoy it lol

ID: 9e9f878d35 No.54474

Im sure she willmake amother one when someone from here insta her but she wont be long before another ban as shes getting riskier this was her riskiest yet

ID: 2edec8732b No.54475

www33.zippy share.com/v/HBVRwiA2/file.html

ID: df6d386547 No.54476

a hero emerges ^o^

ID: ed5064b3e2 No.54478

Anyone get the other one, there were 2 that were blocked content and 1 was taken down.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.54479


this is blocked in my country ,can anyone else download?

ID: fb9e8f3ae2 No.54482

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.54484

Anyone get the other one,that got taken down?
Someone should tell her to get a site on VK.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.54489

File: 1483661474771.jpg (78.96 KB, 1080x1350, 15624470_738422209639149_4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 9b4bee6013 No.54490

She's getting more and more confident and slutty, seems we'll get something sooner or later.

ID: 51f2800981 No.54493

I'm willing to leave my PC on 24/7, just tell me which programs will monitor and automatically download videos from a youtube? Preferably free, opensource and with a GUI.

ID: 56f9927507 No.54499


Can anyone re-download this at full quality?

ID: fb9e8f3ae2 No.54503


btw, you can watch or download it using an american proxy

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.54504

Thank You!

ID: bb65b2d1ad No.54599

fairly certain she flashes a breast in this one. She ussually posts more then one video though. Anyone know? /watch?v=nf7j0l2KZGg

ID: 9b4bee6013 No.54613


She did. Her bra is black, so it's not her bra.

ID: 588cda6051 No.54616


It's a sheer bra, so not quite full titty.

ID: 588cda6051 No.54619


Actually scratch that. On second thought I guess her bra isn't sheer with an opaque black outline like I thought, it just has like a grey or light blue trim to it. Her titty probably popped out of it when she lifted her shit but the quality is pretty terrible. Didn't she do an actual topless vid on one of her old channels?

ID: a4088ada1c No.54629

No topless vid, ever, sadly. This one in question, she's wearing the bra that barely fits (she made a sweet Instagram post about it). Her tit is juuuuuust about to pop out, you can aaaaaalmost see nipple…but not quite.

ID: 06e90271cd No.54630

no topless but a braless vid :( i cant find it

ID: 28654d48a5 No.54633

the new videos she's posted are so fucking hot

ID: 1fa4a3ded3 No.54676

jesus this girl is going ham now wtf

ID: a4088ada1c No.54677

Ham is delicious. I don't see the problem here.

ID: 55217dc684 No.54734

New vid just now said she is going on Facebook live in an hour.

ID: df6d386547 No.54735

somebody record that shit. no fb here. or recording software.

ID: 307df2ec76 No.54737

she is live on facebook right now. just search sille pigen.

ID: 51f2800981 No.54745

It was tamer than her ytb stuff.

ID: 588cda6051 No.54747

Anyone catch her FB live broadcast? I don't know if she deleted or not but I can't find the replay.

ID: 5c738b36b1 No.54749

She is going to do another live show if she gets 20 likes on instagram. get it done

ID: df6d386547 No.54750

thanks. hoping you (or someone else) can do the same for future streams

ID: 75eb5e667e No.54751

mega /#!1gV2UJLa!KpjjNjaN0Hl3tnth6LHDPR0RyI3yStwp_hKT1O6zKTc

ID: 588cda6051 No.54752

She's live again but I can't figure out how to record the broadcast.

ID: 1e37df777f No.54755

Anyone see the second stream? What we miss?

ID: 8eaf1119e4 No.54756

Free Screen Redorder, is free, donwload it :)

ID: 588cda6051 No.54757


Nothing really. Plus at the end some faggot named "Helle Jensen" went all blackmailer-in-disguise-as-a-whiteknight to scare, threaten and insult her so she might be done for good now.

ID: 9b4bee6013 No.54758

Was there anything good in this live?

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.54795


ID: 75eb5e667e No.54808

mega /#!k18FlCoa!V3jIQVwKL5uvfRxit08_aurt6lUjsM6DTIgAZk60V-U

ID: 28654d48a5 No.54812

her "See to the end" video just made me cum buckets

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.54824

Thanks Again!

ID: 7456314320 No.54884

She is live now

ID: 9bb05c3c53 No.54886

Just was live again. I couldn't record it. Lots of thong flashes in the black dress… didn't see anything else.

ID: 588cda6051 No.54887

Still can't figure out why IDM won't capture the stream/ :(

ID: 6c40c14971 No.54891

nothing naked huh?

ID: 588cda6051 No.54892


No, she seems pretty against that for whatever reason. She doesn't even have a boyfriend anymore, either.

ID: 51f2800981 No.54895

For a few seconds after the show ends the stream is available as a video on her page with a download button and everything.

For recording your screen I recommend OBS broadcaster software, it's the stuff most game streamers use to broadcast their streams and you can set it to record your monitor and output to a file instead.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.54896

Anyone manage to record the last live show?

ID: 927b00b06e No.54897


ID: 56f9927507 No.54903


fuckin heroes ITT

ID: b76a9e7ba0 No.54906

anyone get today's fb live?

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.54907

File: 1483928812349.jpg (93.92 KB, 1080x1080, 14583525_569607399896991_1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 927b00b06e No.54908


ID: 927b00b06e No.54909

It was absolute luck I saw this one. I don't expect her too do a second livestream every day. I hope someone else is downloading too.

ID: e5dae0010e No.54965

File: 1483957807307.png (1.92 MB, 1816x1800, hai.png) ImgOps Google

hai yah

ID: df6d386547 No.54974

good lookin out tho~

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.54976

Thank You!

ID: 856f26f4e8 No.55030

looks like her facebook got removed

ID: 1707cf2e5c No.55036

>>55030 Ow noews! :(

ID: 87273cbe98 No.55039

Still there for me. Even has her last stream up.

ID: 32ea976b60 No.55040

it's still up for me

ID: 9e9f878d35 No.55052

what fb are you looking at i dont see it whar address do you have

ID: b76a9e7ba0 No.55085

File: 1484036726933.jpg (30.61 KB, 1080x1080, 15877465_159114924575532_6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 37b5fa571f No.55091

File: 1484039832231.png (851.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170110-121247.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 87273cbe98 No.55104

File: 1484050742412.jpg (52.66 KB, 640x640, 15876254_1812177399052889_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 08f5bed59c No.55105

File: 1484051154952.png (1.18 MB, 1440x1427, Screenshot_20170109-180408….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55109

Is this from a new vid,anyone have it?

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.55121

Thanks! Damn, she is horny as fuck! Wish I lived near her.

ID: 3a0d419473 No.55205

What is this picture from?

ID: 08f5bed59c No.55207

File: 1484141030125-0.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1427, Screenshot_20170110-211825….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1484141030125-1.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1417, Screenshot_20170110-211837….png) ImgOps Google

It's a pic she took for a shout-out on someone else's Instagram. Here are a couple more:

ID: 927b00b06e No.55226


New stream didn't last long.

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.55260

Thank You!

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55316

File: 1484244868372.jpg (100.19 KB, 1080x1080, 15802566_873428172796986_1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 8f4f75ffde No.55322

Am I going crazy or are her YT vids gone?

ID: bb65b2d1ad No.55323

all the videos were removed from her youtube channel.

ID: bb0a8876ff No.55329

Anyone saved the vidoes videos and willing to mega it

ID: 1fa4a3ded3 No.55354

what is this from? dat view

ID: 28654d48a5 No.55368

I'd love to see her spreading those ass cheeks wearing that thong

ID: bb0a8876ff No.55378

someone has the youtube videos

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55382


ID: 3a0d419473 No.55383

Does anyone have Sexy mix vol.2?

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.55397


ID: 3ad3c755b2 No.55403

She must be following this thread,because she just posted a request for the poster to take the video down.
Because as she said she quit dancing(again).Maybe she made up with her last boyfriend,or found a new one???(LOL)

ID: 388dd36568 No.55406


you really think it's that difficult to type your own name in the search bar on youtube?

ID: 3ad3c755b2 No.55411

It is remarkable that that video has been up for about 3 weeks,but she only reacted to it right after the link was posted her.Maybe the work of a White Knight then???LOL

ID: 388dd36568 No.55415


WK is always possible. But also not a surprise she would search for her vids after removing them all from her channel. I assume she will be back, unless somebody on facebook pissed her off.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55420

When I posted that link, I noticed she had commented on that page already , but it was a different comment.
She said thanks for posting it , & liked it, that comment was there yesterday?

ID: 8614e66ce3 No.55432

File: 1484362527170-0.jpeg (79.16 KB, 1080x1920, received_1789875244596470.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1484362527170-1.jpeg (80.32 KB, 999x1776, received_1789874014596593.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1484362527170-2.jpeg (109.44 KB, 999x1776, received_1789869617930366.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1484362527170-3.jpeg (53.43 KB, 1080x1920, received_1789868034597191.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55434

Are there more of these,a video maybe?

ID: d18e9704d5 No.55441

Omg pls post this video

ID: 8c89f93adc No.55450

would love to see more

ID: 75eb5e667e No.55456

More please

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55463


she asked him to take it down,he said no, check new comments

Hoping to see a video or pics to go with >>55432

ID: 7c743be3c8 No.55467

She's an internet tough guy. Maybe she'll back trace him. He done goofed

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55494

File: 1484382848240.png (127.5 KB, 368x386, vlcsnap-2017-01-13-20h58m5….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 28654d48a5 No.55523

That dude is an asshole, literally trying to blackmail her so she keeps dancing. Pathetic.

ID: a1434f8719 No.55527

Destroying is doing gods work. I wonder how he has vids of her from the future and will post soon? Can't wait to see nudes and possibly masterbations

ID: 220527e2eb No.55552

Amazing tits.

ID: 60a92f9953 No.55572

shes 15????

ID: 588cda6051 No.55585


you're on anonib????

ID: 3624086721 No.55587


Post the video please

ID: 391733d549 No.55594

stop that bullshit, she is 25 and she answer in that 10 in her YT channel

ID: 588cda6051 No.55610


Those are pictures, not screenshots fro ma video. Learn how resolutions work amd adjust your eyes.

ID: 388dd36568 No.55614


Not that I mistook those pictures as screenshots, but two of them ARE 1080 x 1920 (which is the common Full HD resolution sideways)…. but as you said, it should have been obvious

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55616

Are there more unseen hd pics or videos?

ID: 28654d48a5 No.55620

I've seen her say otherwise multiple times

ID: 07bf376113 No.55621

Back in the day, young woman married older men and that was common. How is this any different, and what has changed?

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.55623

I love teenage girls as much as the next sicko but the life expectancy is MUCH LONGER nowadays and so we don't have to marry and start families young to work the land anymore.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55813

Hoping to see more!

ID: 24141ccd86 No.55867


Life expectancy dosnt suddenly change our nature, also some people lived to their 80s back in the day.

ID: 588cda6051 No.55881


Damn, you're retarded.

ID: 5c46177630 No.55885


What was said that is untrue? We fucked this way for eons and it is natural, modern way of life wont suddenly change that. Also certain people live to quite old age even thousands of years ago.

Look at some historic figures.

ID: 588cda6051 No.55887


Damn, you're retarded, too.

ID: d4500fb9e6 No.55918

He's right people aren't really living longer compared to the old days. The life expectancy statistic is thrown off because infant and child mortality used to be really high. But if you made it to adulthood you'd make it to old age. Also a lot of women died from complications during childbirth.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55921

How about getting back on topic & posting some new pics & videos?

ID: a9181375a1 No.55923

Lmfao, no.

We live a hell of a lot longer than we used to because we have the technology to cure so many ailements and aging related problems, and have also gained much better understanding as to what nutrients our bodies need and can take a simple vitamin for it. On average we also don't have to work anywhere near as physically hard these days days and thus keep our heart-rates and metabolism much lower, extending our lifespans.

Age 50 was considered quite old age just a couple hundred years ago. Girls get their periods at the age they are ready to start making babies. Before we had a proper "society", there was no reason for there to be anything wrong with copulating such young teens, life was just about surviving and growing your tribe, nothing much else. But now, teens have lives to live, experiences and mistakes of their own to make and complex social pressures, so we don't allow adults to be able to take advantage of teens who are not mentally developed enough to be making those decisions in a modern society with people of "authority" over them.

ID: 8bd8f5deb5 No.55936

I cosign this post.

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55939

File: 1484617092221.png (103.38 KB, 306x386, vlcsnap-2017-01-16-13h59m2….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 08f5bed59c No.55948

Okay, now THIS is a screenshot from a video! Want!

ID: ea493106e8 No.55951


On average we do live longer, still that doesnt change the fact that people did live to a very old age even thousands of years ago.

Here are just some historic examples:
Plato was 80
Socrates was 71
Emperor Gordian was 79
Gautama Buddha was 80
Emperor Tiberius was 77

2nd point about having to work hard is also false, look at modern tribal people, they work only 2 hours a day on average. I remember listening to one interview where they laughed at the missionary who told them how his sister or somebody committed suicide, since that was such an absurd concept to Amazonian people. Yet modern people kill them selves due to overwork constantly, just look at Asia.

Your last point is also straight up lie, you say how live was nothing but survival, yet literally thousands of years ago we had philosophy, very developed societies and people pondered what meaning of life and secrets of the universe were.

Also saying that "we want to take advantage of them" just shows how perverted your mind is, that you cant even conceptualize the idea that people fall in love and care of each other, but instead you merely see it as an abuse since you are the one who truly isnt "mentally developed", which is clear by the fact that all your opinions are mere product of what your society has told you.

Also 15 is legal where I live.

ID: a4088ada1c No.55953

Dude, don't hold out on us. Be a hero.

ID: d4500fb9e6 No.55954

Also malnutrition and low fat diets caused women to get their periods later. Women getting their periods earlier nowadays. They would wed girls before they were even ready to birth. It was about control. Women had very few rights and society was fucked back then

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.55961

OK you guys schooled me. Now maybe all the other trolls won't get their panties in a bunch when a young looking girl gets posted here. I doubt it though…

ID: 4b1ca0bd98 No.55965

Are there more of these,love to see them.

Is a screenshot taken from facebook live vid.

ID: 588cda6051 No.56004

The ass flash pic is from her last live broadcast before she flaked (and she flashes twice, too), and it was posted in this thread already. I'm not really sure how some of you didn't realise this unless you just pop into this thread, don't download any of the shares, and then make posts asking people to post whatever pictures you see. In which case you're a dumb ass and you should really stop doing that and just download and watch the videos that have been posted in this thread.

ID: 08f5bed59c No.56005

I downloaded it but it was the only video I haven't had time to watch. So that was my bad. I have noticed that happening a lot in other threads though.

ID: 7f9857b184 No.56038

This is par for the course, for Sille. She'll be back in a month or two. Same as it ever was.

ID: 64ca2a10de No.56088

does anyone have the full collection of her yt vids???

ID: af1cc0d622 No.56267

File: 1484843288370.png (13.53 KB, 293x136, 4e052bb79255c192fb6a741afa….png) ImgOps Google

Posted on her IG.

ID: d99cdb4fcc No.56272

>> "i have been hittin and treaten alot of asshols"

Can somebody translate for me what did she mean to say?

ID: 490f39d325 No.56273

You can't really be surprised about the prison part. Her parents knows what she's doing and the moment she started being to0 revealing and showing her tit her parents could have reported her to the cops for kiddy porn out of desperation.

ID: 2d780128e4 No.56277


Well I am surprised some people are this dumb/evil.

This could fuck her life up x1000 more than some random guys jacking off to her over the internet.

ID: 3ad3c755b2 No.56278

She got anger problems?She mentioned of getting into trouble with the police for beating up kids at school,and in her neighborhood.

ID: 725d4c3230 No.56279


Ohh well…

Thanks for the explanation. Quite frankly she does seem like the type who could be like that.

ID: 588cda6051 No.56352

She's being melodramatic. The "prison" part is about her being a fuck-up at school and getting into fights, not about shaking her ass on Youtube.

ID: f1e4e5351b No.57294


ID: f22d20a809 No.57879

if she IS going to prison she needs to make a lot more before then

ID: 5c6f331017 No.58438

still wondering

ID: eac5a6c8bb No.58740

and shes back again

ID: 08f5bed59c No.58744

lol like clockwork

ID: 588cda6051 No.58749

Unfortunately she deleted her facebook page, though, so no more live shows it seems.

ID: 259fd807cc No.58750

someone above says she flashed but i cant find it. anyone know which link has her flashing?

ID: 28654d48a5 No.58752

Give it time, she'll make another.

ID: 8283011459 No.59961


ID: 13c23c7eb5 No.60482


ID: e68b4ccb46 No.60663

She's back on IG as usual.

ID: dbb447654b No.61671


ID: 7f9857b184 No.62660


ID: dbb447654b No.63909


ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.64930


ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.65830


ID: 0f28c1b1b3 No.66645

She is dating

ID: f22d20a809 No.67442

new IG video shaking it in underwear

ID: 6762364adb No.67455

please share with the rest of the class

ID: 253bfd5a0d No.67458

Instagram vid

www2 . zippyshare.com/v/TSfu3Sy5/file.html

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.67465


ID: 2f64122079 No.67528

still no nude vids? I wanna see that asshole spread

ID: a64ed616a8 No.67580


Post what you got

ID: 71ef45f717 No.67649


What website is this for?

ID: 2d6987722a No.67765


ID: 6a43bd7432 No.67793

vfile???? wut?

ID: 2ea8eb179f No.67797

v o l a f i l e

Can't put it all together or the post is instantly blocked.

ID: 11a598a75a No.67802

They are adamant about blocking that but none of the spam link urls…

ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.68928


ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.70058


ID: f2daf1d34b No.70254

Anything new?

ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.71152


ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.72122


ID: 2966435bf0 No.72131

she uploaded 4 new videos in the last 24 hours on the channel linked in the original post

ID: 78062e15c0 No.72196

Mild improvement in her dancing but she's ugly fat now.

ID: 649cd1a5c5 No.72228

lol if you think she's ugly and fat now you've never thought otherwise at any point in time

ID: 259fd807cc No.72392

can someone please upload the videos she made in a thong? I had them but deleted when I tried nofap. #itdidn'twork

ID: 747feedde4 No.72398

watch?v=wD1Tyfy6RDs made me giggle at 0:03. It's like she hiked up her skirt to do a big dynamite shart.

ID: 009978a01f No.73170

She is so sexy, blows my mind. I never could not find any of her nudes…

ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.73474


ID: 1c0453a7d6 No.74386


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.75551

She really is a knockout.

ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.76532


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.77630


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.78479


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.79622


ID: af12904b74 No.79685


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.80721


ID: 5e297415d9 No.80722

Does someone have any of her youtube vids?

ID: d08b92e4e1 No.81555

BUMP for this.

ID: c1a635b93a No.81684


ID: 87b707266b No.81863

Nothing but bumps. Someone has to be sitting on shit.

ID: adbf573d2f No.81917

ID: 70f0671d92 No.82327


ID: 9745961d61 No.82576


ID: 90083dfddf No.82865


fuck off dude, v o l a is the worse file sharing site ever, i m so glad it got banned her, fuck it, this shitty concept is only good for dude who are like 24/7 in front of their fucking screen, normale peoples always miss the timeline when something got posted and we got the endless ritual of re-up request because of this BS.

i will report any post that use v o l a in this thread, mark my word.

ID: 7debb1cd47 No.82866

It's still a legitimate filesharing service though. Just because it doesn't suit your needs doesn't make it right for you to report their links being shared. SMDH!

ID: 54d3fa68e2 No.82890


while i disagree with the reporting part of your post (don't be a fucking asshole!)
i agree that vola is not ideal because yeah not everyone sits on their ass all goddamn day. and there are way better places to post that stay up for more than 5 minutes

ID: 6af6fe07cb No.82893

can someone just upload her videos holy fuck

ID: 361a1e958e No.82897

I get that you're frustrated but saying you will report them also discourages shares. Some people can't use their mega because it keeps getting flagged so they will upload it to vfile. Then someone else can download it and rehost on mega if they want to. What if the only people who have what you want can only use vfile for the time being? But then you go and stupidly report the only source! Makes no sense! Just chill.

ID: ede7101d6e No.83252

this please

ID: b81260adca No.83454


ID: 0aec74d358 No.83768


ID: 64275d2a03 No.84178


can someone pllease just upload these?? or all we got in a folder??

ID: 14f9824b18 No.84312

anything full naked or tits naked? i havent seen any of that only twerk

ID: e9a5f9f3e5 No.85257

Not that I'm aware of. Probably nothing.

ID: c806607bf7 No.85380

I'm praying

ID: a61b14444b No.85596

there's nothing

ID: b3abfe5a9e No.85612

the fuck do you mean "there's nothing"?
The fuck is this then?

ID: a61b14444b No.85614

there's apparently nothing fully naked or her tits out with no top.

ID: 1444556dc5 No.85886

She posted a new vid a few hours ago nothing crazy fun but hey? She's still posting.

ID: 6bd00193d1 No.85888

re-up please

ID: 6a43bd7432 No.85932

Looks like someone's got her feeling sexy again. Let's hope she doesn't spook again like all the last times.

ID: c08ea1740a No.85950

no videos now

ID: e976c43079 No.85955

if there was any videos from today, would someone be so kind as to share with us? everything is gone from her youtube

ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.86864


ID: 700d2f0e0b No.86940

Files stay up for 2 days on vol you moron.. if you don't check your computer every single day how can you complain that you missed win? That's your fault. Complain about the hosting method if you want but that just means nobody wins. Don't be an idiot cuz you are late to the party.. just arrive to the party on time ffs

ID: 99007e49fb No.87066

Did anyone get Joey Moe jorden er giftig? (uploaded on youtube Fri, Sep 08 2017)

ID: c077447a49 No.87070

is a collection of her stuff availabe to download anywhere?

ID: ece68d4728 No.87073


ID: 99007e49fb No.87170


ID: a8de068db5 No.87214


ID: 6a43bd7432 No.87215

Since no-one else is upping. Found this on shefreaky

www101 dot zippyshare dot com/v/bkFTiWln/file.html

ID: be3f95f2cb No.87218

has any real nudity?

ID: 7a41dc3aed No.88089


ID: 2b1ff058f2 No.88488


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