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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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File: 1505391003082.jpg (554.19 KB, 3044x1851, 1502620115066-3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

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New thread, old one is sinking.


File: 1505399164571.png (540.71 KB, 878x738, vlcsnap-2017-06-17-03h16m2….png) ImgOps Google


bump for nude yoga video!


Post it SERGIO so I can give details about rains ero account




thanks for the report


my cock literally went soft in my hand watching this….dont think I can ever jerk off again :(


As someone who occassionaly watches pussy pumping porn, I will just say that's definitely a female. She just pumped her pussy (a lot!).


Somebody please post all of her previous videos.


Nah, as someone who frequently watching pussy pumping AND post-op trans port, a post-op pussy wouldn't be able to stretch that way at all. That's the inner labia, which is naturally filled with fat and capillaries, which allows it to be puffed like that with a vacuum. In a post-op trans woman, the inner labia is not at all there, or it's just a fold of stiff skin designed to look like one, but without any of the tissue. In other words, a post-op tranny wouldn't be able to do that to her post-op puss. Only natural labias can do that.

I don't know why the fuck I'm commenting about this. My life has hit a new low. I always knew my porn knowledge would come in handy one day.


Nah, as someone who frequently.. fuck it i forgot what i wanted to say
bump nood yoga


Hahaha priceless answer. But she had a kid and a c-section scar . So definitely a female. Unless you known of any males that can get pregnant. Lol


Completely derailing another thread with bullshit. Bravo guys, bravo.

Obviously not her why was this posted here? EFUKT is that way →




bump them titties










Did she got her ytb channel shut down? Cant find it


>>88526 probably deleted it, she doesn't need it anymore she makes bank with he patreon


you gotta friend her on eroprofile password x2P-DLAsu Don't abuse this fellows


Won't it raise red flags if she gets a bunch of friend requests all of a sudden? I don't even have a profile there and if I make an empty one just to add her it will be suspicious. Would you trust me to access your account and just download the videos possibly? You could email me the info.


And also… THANK YOU!


Oh sure, User name KISSMYASS password YOUSTUPIDMOTHERFUCKER….ha ha ha.All jokes aside I just provide what I can, passwords,links…I don't upload videos and I don't share my accounts with total strangers.


Okay well that's all well and good, but it doesn't make sense to post the password then. It's too late now, but maybe next time just share the video password with one person.


dude you're a fucking legend…cheers!


what is her eroprofile?


They never share the vidoes with others. It's just a rat race to see who gets it first. By now she has changed the password an i'll have to jump through hoops to get the new one.


Could have been avoided if you downloaded the videos yourself and host them somewhere. There's a reason we all do it like that instead. But hey, thanks for trying.


Okay , brah. I'm calling you out. You said you'd pony up with the Rain content if someone came through with the BM nakie yoga vid. Let dem nuts drop and don't be a chump-stain. Be a man of your word or lose all respect and credibility


whats her eroprofile, i'll up the vids on mega


Damn good share, friend. Thanks kindly.


It's her name. Just search on the site. Profile is set to friends only , just like her xh@m5t3r profile. So , you have to friend her to even see what is available , then you have to contribute to p@tr30n to get the password for the vids. Probs the same content as her xh@m , though.


its better to download rainflo vids from mega and wont get red alert. thanks for the ny you rule


So if you sign up to her p@tr30n, does she give you passwords to all of the videos? Or just the ones for that month?


From my understanding , it's one password that works to unlock each vid. I think she changes the password every month and/or every time she puts up new content. That way , she keeps em' coming back for more. This is her xh@m5t3r I'm talking about , by the way. It sounds like the eroprofile is set up the same way. Hey! Why are we talkin' 'bout R@1n here , anyway. Let's move the discussion to her thread and keep this about BM here. LOL


Actually I said if Sergio did… The stuff on ero is not the same as hamster. I pointed the way and gave you the password but I'm not gonna hold your fucking hand.




Guys sergio needs help he needs contributors to a hand expression vid of sexy Sh4Yn4h iOki4


File: 1506108886519.jpg (27.06 KB, 522x327, Pv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Bump for more


re-up plssss




Bless you


Damn the yoga vid is already down. Can anyone reup?


I think, so that you create a group to be able to go through the pack and that is not erased easily, what do they say?




anyone have the nude yoga ? the mega link not working.. or what the link for ?


Reup yoga vid


Damn for sure you are blessed, thanks for the share mate




Thanks to the members who shared with us !
Since I don't have money to buy stuff, from me reup :)




thanks friend


oh hell yeah!

Thank yooooou!


Pure gold.. Touching myself


I can't believe you guys are putting that stuff on xham.. seems like a quick way to get shut down


It's a gamble but so far she hasn't discovered it, any of it If I had known this I could have saved some bucks. some bucks


people never learn. it only takes one white knight to ruin everything.



Ah, That fucking chinese guy should shot himself in the head.


I'll forgive him because he posted an OC upskirt creepervid


Can anybody reup that touching myself video. Missed it before it got deleted




Where is the link of G-drive with all of the videos? Re upload please!



password : intimate


can you help to buy Shaynah video hand expression please? my paypal is : sergiotroise67@gmail.com


share videos and talk less !!!


Nice !


Maybe i should take my words back about that you don't share.

thanks for posting a new video!



Who is she and how much is it ?


Got a link?


what is her full real name again?ty


@nna v0n fr@nces


Can we get a little more info please


If you go to this persons profile page >>88456 their is links to nude yoga and touching my self


thanks to all contributors.

any new content?


probably fake cuz i have to do an offer


what bullshit is this, stupid survey link


Stupid spammer…


bump time


File: 1508550956684.jpg (31.59 KB, 535x385, Tour.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Handel or other annon can help with this please


Can anyone pls zippyshare the nude yoga vid?




for those people who want nude yoga video.. mail me.. coz the file size is 1.10gb ..n zippy is not possible. i will provide u with mega links.



whats your email ?




Naked Yoga. Please


naked yoga






And much more just change the path to the root


How exactly do you do that?


how to change the path to the root?>>93442


Yes the path was open from the user but now is close. Sorry.


I have had that linked bookmarked since it was posted several months back on another thread of hers here, and it has never been "open" as far as I remember.




Error (429)
This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads.
Mega ?


I was just sharing for the folks saying that they were unable to download it, this gives the option to stream.


nude yoga + touching meself
so far the best this goddess has to offer
go4up (dot) com/dl/8282151210da90
go4up(dot) com/dl/3d9b0d759fc294


Please if you are gonna share - use something besides this crap site - there are plenty of places that don’t ask for your credit card info for a free account


learn to internet, bro




Anything on the latest vids?



She sells Yoga + masturbation vid now. Anybody wants to contribute.


latest videos please!!!!






new videos please heroes


I got you fam.. here's the masterbash vid



This woman is fucking amazing! Thank you so much!


She sells longer masturbation vid for $50. Anyone want to contribute ?


Now if you guise could hook it up with some new vids that'd be dope and greatly appreciated 😏👌🏼


bump so this thread doesn't fall into the abyss



IF u want a real win, you are more than welcome to contribute.


please who will be the hero who will post new videos?


We need the yoga masturbation video


Plsss anyone with the her topless yoga masturbation vid, share pls!



Stop begging and fucking pay. It's $50 and a contribution from 3 would be enough.








R u up for a contribution ?


Does anyone have her “bathtub shaving pussy” video?? It would be much appreciated


SERGIO has but you have to pay him for it



Pay 10 bucks.


Sergio has aids that he will share for free




Here: #!mUo10LJK!JQnDcLpa8lG4eHstxDzkXoNKRDwrXldAS3pYVqJxnV4

And it's for free :)



Are you even interested in buying the bate vid ? I can join the contribution if u are up for it


Yooo thanks! Appreciate it


File: 1515930138476.png (632.16 KB, 1466x601, vs2.png) ImgOps Google

stop begging and fucking pay.10 of us can just pay 5 bucks for each


someone should already have this video so send a print of it especially from the moment of masturbation to encourage the staff to contribute please



are you up for contribution ?


wanted to say that whoever has this video put a picture of the masturbation scene of this video to stimulate the people to contribute



But nobody here has it yet so what is the point of saying it. Do you want to contribute or not ?


She masturbates with panties on that's why no one is wasting time with it. Patrick put it on hamster over a month ago but it's private now.


I have the video. Don't feel like posting though. :^)


File: 1516055532918.png (1020.22 KB, 1229x705, yogahappyending.png) ImgOps Google

Must have been a different video. She definitely takes her panties off in this one



See people, it exists. Lets's contribute and get the vid.


File: 1516067838511.jpg (638.78 KB, 1920x1080, 001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


She doesn't have panties on in this one either.



This proves this retarded "That Guy" has been lurking around thread to thread spreading lies about SERGIO and many others.

LOL Exposed


I do not have this video , sorry



It's fine, hope this might encourage people to contribute.


Someone has the indie bill link for the topless yoga with happy ending video?







Its paid site boss



so don't want to contribute ?


dont ask for more


You fags take this thread a bit too serious, chill the fuck out. Sergio is a bigboy, he'll be okay….for fuck sake


i give you firstone getindiebill video with her now is your turn :P



Fuck off liar lol



Thank you my lord and savior


share this video please


It's incredible. I go away for months and nothing gets posted, I show up out of the blue and boom! The wins come flying in.


Maybe someone else will buy next video? it will be nice to common force get anotherone vid…


Thanks !


Thank you!!!


share this video in bath please


can you share this shower video please ?


File: 1516147801625.jpg (63.48 KB, 430x539, d95e417a644177befd66217016….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So, the trick is you have to go away for months before showing back up?

I'm sold! Please go away for months more often. Hell, all the time. Do it for us Fag Guy!


can you share this shower video please ?


File: 1516163568415.png (303.7 KB, 1247x851, 제목 없음.png) ImgOps Google

Fag guy strikes again lol


every video from this thread in mega



Proof that legends exist.


Where is this video?


thaaaaank yooouuuuuu


How do you use mega?


A simple thank you is more than enough, I'm not into the "hero worship" bullshit. Keep it real guys, see you net time.


>>101195 video pls?


Couldn't find the video for this on P@tr30n. Is it on her V1m30?


now she should make a nice video with dildo in the pussy and ass


best win for 2018 so far, many thanks!!!


>>101381 what the fuck do you care about her real name for? In case you didnt notice this is an anon board




Ok, I have the masturbation in the shower video…
I’ll trade it with this One:


Let me know…


share the video, all people must share videos


The link for the video is above somewhere… of you want you can buy it

If everyone share but nobody buy… this thread would be empty

If someone share the New indie bill video “mast in the Bath” (not the one in vimeo) in this thread, I’ll share the shower One also in the thread…

With mega…


share and everyone wins guys.. easy to say for someone who doesnt pay for the content lol, but I still hope some of yall gonna share the 2 vids.. thanks..


Shut your mouth about trading!! Trading is against the rules mofo!! Share if leave.. if you want to trade go join camwhores, pornhub, xhamster, etc. and make your videos private or something.. this is a sharing board!!!!!



Great point.





anything new>




new videos ? share please !!!


deserves to be front page 4 lyfe






Thanks for sharing that link, was looking for that website since 8ch went down




some new videos of her please ?


news videos please!!!


Definitely !


bump for shower bate video…




please my friends bump for shower bate video!!!!!


Almost time.


start one for shaynahkills shes a MILF



Shower vid coming right up ;)


As promised:

Shower vid


Thanks a lot


Thank you for your prev posts!


Thank you!!


long time no win, but you makes it possible again so thank you very much!


Thank you very much!!


Thanks a ton! Love this woman



Anon you are a god among men. Thank you!


you are the king mate! thanks alot! made my day lol^^


Anyone know if she's made any more sexy vids? I have everything in this thread so far. Haven't seen any new Indiebill pages of hers. Can only find 3 Indiebill pages through Googling her name


Look at all these fat asssholes worshiping these hero's and calling them gods 😂😂😂

100% none of you have seen a real tit in real life that you're getting excited over a fucking video .


Fucking loser dumbass That Guy I wish you were as big of an idiot troll asshole in real life as you are online because someone would've already ended you by now. But the biggest piles of shit online are the most cowardice in the real world. So unfortunately you may never get what you deserve.


Sorry guys my trap bf just broke up with me I miss his big fat cock in my ass.

Didn't mean to take it out on all of you.


someone likes to use my name, I'm the real Sergio,my email: sergiotroise67@gmail.com
useless you make assholes


I am the real Sergio and know that I have not written anything on this page for about 6 months.

I went away from this page because there are many assholes here


She is so hot

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